2020 In Nigeria; What A Year!!! ~ Ikenda Elechi

What a year!

From Covid19 that occasioned job losses, stay at home, restrictions, dwindling govt, corporate & private revenues, human engagement disruption, deaths of prominent & not-too prominent persons, to protests that saw days of business inactivity, lootings, breach of movement by way of Curfew, deaths etc.
It’s been one hell of a year

Fortunately, things are beginning to take shape, while I don’t know exactly how this period affected you as a person,I think everyone of us is impacted to certain degrees

We must now be intentional about what we do and how we do them, give each other the needed support to stand again, deliberately support each others’ business, help network and break new grounds, etc. This is not the best of time to take offense, get angry, accumulate grievances and more, people are already dealing with a lot and won’t need the stress of further pressure

It’s also time to be more careful with the resources we get, prioritize our activities and focus only on the things that would help us get back to our feats again

And to those who can spare, please don’t wait to be asked, reach out as much as you can, but please be sure not to create another pressure thru solving one

It’s the first post protest week and we need to #StandUpAgain

Goodmorning people

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2020 In Nigeria; What A Year!!! ~ Ikenda Elechi
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