5 Countries Offering Citizenship via Investment 2024


5 Countries Offering Citizenship via Investment 2024 One passport may not suffice if you desire to optimize your taxes, expand your business, gain global mobility, establish new ventures, invest in real estate or corporations, or live abroad as a digital nomad. To achieve all these goals, we strongly recommend obtaining a second citizenship. By acquiring citizenship in another country, you not only gain an additional passport but also enjoy the added benefit of using it as a visa-free travel document for over 140 countries.

Understanding Citizenship by Investment

Now, it is possible to invest capital in select Caribbean and European nations to secure citizenship for yourself and your family. Consider the example of Vanuatu, where a $130,000 investment can grant you citizenship within a mere two months.

In this article, we will present an extensive list of countries where you can obtain citizenship and a passport through various investment options, such as financial bonds, approved real estate projects, joint investments, and government bond purchases.

Expand Your Opportunities: Obtain a Second Citizenship and Passport

Let’s embark on this brief exploration of countries where you can acquire citizenship through investment in 2024:

1. Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship: $200k

To qualify for the citizenship program of Saint Kitts and Nevis, you must invest approximately $200k in the real estate sector. Alternatively, making a donation of around $125k also makes you eligible for citizenship. Regardless of the option chosen, it will take up to six months to obtain your new passport. (Reference: Stkitts)

2. Grenada Citizenship through Investment: $220,000

By participating in Grenada’s citizenship through investment program, you can obtain a Grenada passport. This requires a non-refundable investment of US$220k in approved real estate or a donation of around $150k to the national transformation fund of Grenada. (Reference: Grenada Gov)

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3. Malta Citizenship through Investment: $807,386

If you are willing to invest approximately US$807,386 in residential property in Malta, reside in the country for over 36 months, and maintain ownership of the property for at least five years, you will qualify for Maltese citizenship.

4. Saint Lucia Citizenship through Investment: $300,000

To obtain citizenship in Saint Lucia for yourself, you must invest around $100k as a donation to their national economic fund, along with paying approximately $9500 in administrative expenses. Alternatively, you may consider purchasing real estate in St Lucia worth over $300k, which also qualifies you for citizenship in 2024. (Reference: Astons)

It’s worth noting that a St Lucia passport grants visa-free travel to over 140 countries, making it an excellent choice for those seeking global mobility.

5. Turkiye Citizenship through Investment: $400,000

According to my research, Turkey offers the easiest pathway to citizenship through a property purchase in any Turkish city, with a minimum cost of approximately US$400,000. As part of your citizenship application, you will need to commit to not selling the property for at least three years. Meeting these criteria will make you eligible for Turkish citizenship through the $400,000 investment program. (Reference: Turkiye Gov)

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