A Nigerian Lady exposes her bestfriend of 11 years who put her picture inside a fetish calabash (Pictures)


A Nigerian lady broke down in tears after discovering that her best friend of about 11 years folded her picture inside a fetish Calabash.


The lady made a video after nabbing her friend and confronted her — she expressed her shock over the incident while sharing how she has been nothing but a good friend to her all these years and have always wished her the best things in life.


In her words;

“Na my picture you fold put inside Calabash? Jesus Christ. Wetin I do you? Why you do me this kind thing? You can imagine. What did I ever do to you? Upon I take you as my bestfriend, na so you wan pay me for everything Kai. Jennifer.

You see this my picture wey you put inside this Calabash, anything wey be your plan no go work. God no go gree you know why? Because my hands are clean. Since 2010, you’ve been my friend, God knows I’ve been wishing you well”, she lamented.

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Appostle David: Wickedness everywhere.
I pray for you today:
May God deliver you from evil friends,may the plan of the wicked concerning you never come to pass in Jesus name.
Everyone man or woman planning evil against you will be disappointed.

Joy Ifeoma: Everyday one betrayer or the other,
Things are going wrong day by day
Friends killing friends
Brothers killing each other.
No place is safe.
Young lady just get it off your mind, it will never have any effect over you.
Unfriendly friend 😏
May our path never cross with people that will destroy us for nothing 🙏🏼🙏🏼


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Isaiah Nagua: First real time lesson in her life!
Never trust anybody not even your family!
Love naturally and unconditionally but trust and believe in only God and your conscience

Blessing Chimezie: The very day you start keeping friends talk more of best friend is the day you started trouble for yourself because no one is to be trusted.

Chima Chinaka: This is the reason why the bible admonishes us to love our enemies, but d bible never admonished us to love friends. The people u call enemies are so far away from you, and when someone is far away, d person won’t have time to think of harming you, and he will even wish in his heart to reconcile with u, but doesn’t know how to say it out. But u see friends, they are d ones who are always nearby, so close to you, monitoring your progress and prosperity in life and getting jealous and angry why you are having a better life than them. Be more afraid of what ur friends can do to you than what your enemies can do to you.

Wizidoor Anthony: You came to this world alone and you will surely leave alone. In other words you can survive without close friends or bestie. The only people who want you to do better than them are your parents, that’s if their hands are clean oh.
Jesus is the only true friend that you can be sure off and is trustworthy. He wants you to be successful he doesn’t envy your success

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Mubaraka Lawal: To me there is nothing like friendship or even childhood friends all na scam… Some just want to be ahead of you always without dem knowing that this life person must pass u and u must pass person. That how life this

Orji Aladin: Forget all this right for equality things.
Women are there own worst enemies.
They always come to social media and blow all the grammar about gender equality.but they can’t bear seeing their fellow woman go ahead of them.

Chinemerem Nwano: This world is full of evil but like d say never u hope or believe in anybody because u may not no the out come of tomorrow…… Always make God ur best friend because some human beings are unpredictable, thanks to Almighty God for letting u no on time because u are anointed by him can’t let u perish like that so he cleared ur eyes on time to no that some human beings are deathly like that ur so called best friend……..too bad😞😞

Ibrahim De Twins: Sometimes when you are alone without making friends, you don’t know what God has done for you, although it’s good to make friends but nowadays making friends is 85% dangerous than making friends in the olden days 😢😢😢

Uchenna Harrison: It’s good to have friends, but don’t tell them everything about yourself, most especially private life changing news.
This message is specifically for women. Unah jealousy and envy no be here.
Choose wisely or avoid.

Olabaji Ridwan: I don’t usually have friends but the little I have had always put me in trouble.my guy don sleep with my girl,one of them took my soap and sponge wanted to use it for yahoo rituals and also adding diabolic stuff to my food.God saved me all through most friends are dangerous and these are people I wanted to show love.

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