A TIME FOR SOBER REFLECTION FOR THE NEXT PHASE OF LIFE; fear is real, the faith is being tested ~ Oby Ndukwe

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The fear is real, the faith is being tested as God allows some changes on planet earth. Only those who understand their purpose on earth will take advantage of what is happening in order to become when all is said and done.

Mighty men will become nothing at the end of this global quake caused by the pandemic. New power brokers will be thrown up as the problem offers different people the opportunity to rediscover themselves and why they are here.
Those who will speak the mind of God will suddenly realize that they had been wasting time looking for acceptance and validation of men.

The reason for serial betrayals and failures will become clearly evident that it was God all the while trying to get someone to realize that satisfaction does not come from men.
Like the woman at the Well, attempts to find love in a man was a delay in finding her purpose as a Missionary and not a Married woman.

It’s time to go beyond the conspiracies of World powers fighting to outwit one another, and find what opportunities the pandemic offers, when all is said and done.

It’s a time for personal circumcision in order to remove the excess flesh that is an unnecessary baggage which though not harmful but could inhibit maximum functionality.

The pandemic has thrown the big and small researchers into a frenzy, looking for an immediate solution. What has this season of the plague provided you that has not been affected physically by the virus?
When all is said and done, will you still find yourself doing the same things you did and not getting results?

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It’s time for a sober reflection.
For the rich, are you going to survive it because you stashed so much wealth for yourself? The virus has no social stratification. It hits the mighty and the lowly. It’s victims are both the rich and the poor.
What then will you do better other than making money that couldn’t have saved your life?

It’s a moment of truth and reconciliation for everyone.

~ Oby Ndukwe

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