“A woman can make or ruin a relationship” – Harrysong

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Popular Nigerian singer, Harrison Tare Okiri , known by his stage name Harrysong has taken to his instagram page to advise young ladies to have sense,as a woman determines how a relationship sail.

Harrysong used his sisters experience as an example for young ladies.

according to him his sisters boyfriend has been trying to breakup with her for the past 7 years.

In his words,“My sisters boyfriend still dey try breakup with my sister since 2013, him say he no dey do again, as him complains start, Nai she carry belle for am born twins, as I dey talk so she don carry another belle , dey call am daddy, him still dey talk say him no dey do again, first advice, Na woman dey make relationship work, and break relationship when she’s done, last advice no be every pussy man fit take one night sense…get sense..right about now”.

See comments and reactions

Good luck Happiness: This is exactly what u guys use to make some women loose their self esteem
I can’t allow u to treat me like thrash
Once I notice it
Bye bye

Gift Chibunna: Uncle we don’t need to take in and born twins for a man to value and respect us…#thanku

Chrix Ativie: E no easy bro, I feel your pain because i have been there. Do you know what it cost me to break up with poverty? It cost me Education, Integrity, Hardwork, Prayer and my village pipo needed to leave me too. E no easy but you need yo calm down small small.😂

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Jessica Stewart: And for ur mind now dose children go make d man love ur sister, d man clearly told her dat he doesn’t want anymore and ur sister dey very busy dey produce children, my dear she is only going to hurt herself and dr is nothing u and ur person can do to d man because he clearly said, no be wen d man go go marry now, una go say d man is evil!

Egwari Kenny: Increase in baby mama is as a result of so many men who are afraid of commitment, some men are ready to have children , but are not ready to get married , some are interested in getting married , but are not ready to stay married . There is a lot of hypocrisy going on in social , but what he said is the reality of today , so many men get married to their woman because of the children involved. Sometimes after much consideration, they just seal up the relationship with marriage, though it doesn’t work for everyone.

Juliet Msoo: Please tell your sister to borrow herself some sense if she’s not married to the man then it makes no sense giving birth for him as a girl friend….. I know a man that has two children with a lady and they are living together but still he has refused to marry her she’s just there and the man is making plans to marry another lady who he said he loves their wedding is in few months meanwhile that one is their with two children without even introduction……

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Favour Itodo: Every woman deserve to be loved and treated right,not by forcing urself on a man who clearly said is not interested again oh
Me no fit take dat from any man
Even if Belle join us as soon as I know am not treated well and right I go my way

Linda O. Oziri: Your sister is doing well. When she don born this one finish, make she try carry another one fast fast, since na belle she won use hold her own man down.

Beckie Chika: Bcos she drop her body as floor mat make an irresponsible man de climb de come down makes it a woman that breaks relationship? Harry or what are u called, you should be ashamed to write this kind of thing about your sister. That’s her private life .. tell her buy sense but that’s after u buy your own.

Vitalis Dominic: Maybe your sister uses charms to hold her boyfriend bcus i don’t think a woman can hold me down with pregnancy or even with kids i can still send her away if i don’t like her.

Akonte Issac: That two people are in a relationship or are married and living together does not mean its working. My idea of “it is working” na be say happiness dey. No be ” leave me I no do again and then the other one is crying from morning till night.

Naomi Peace: Is that why you’re using your sister… you can do better. Have respect for your family members

Chinaza Nwachukwu: Understand that your sister is his baby mama, he can still impregnate and marry another lady. I hope it ends well for both of them, for the sake of the innocent children.

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Florence Chinny: This is nonsense Harrysong instead of you to be ashame of what your sister is doing and advice her ..you are here telling us rubbish,who told this guy that a man will value a woman after getting her pregnant for him without marriage…Money no just fit some people

Andrew Happiness: As in wat….ur sis isn’t even his legal wife she can’t wait to have her own man Dan forcing her ass into another man’s arm…u just succeeded in confusing me tho

Kirah Shosan: Shes forcing the relationship not making it work
By the time hes really through with your sister
No going back!
That’s why we have so many baby mamas and baby daddies

Josephine Michael: If she like make she born twenty oo . .If dat man dey serious of breaking up wit her . .even 100kids wey she get for am no go stop da dude

Chinwe Akuwudike: What a mentality! So you are happy that your sister is stocked with a man that is always rejecting her? Or is it that I don’t understand, somebody help me!!!

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