Actress Rahama Sadau called out again by Muslims for ‘showing off her skin’ in new photo


Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau has come under fire again by Muslims for ‘showing off her skin‘ in a recent photo.

The stunning actress who uploaded a photo on her Twitter page with the caption “Rahama X Shabnam“, was yet again outed by Muslims for showing off her shoulder which her critics claimed made her ”naked.”

Here are some of the  screenshots on how people reacted to her photo below;

See comments and reactions

Penq Man: Those who judge her are doing worse in secret.
The bible describes such people as the Pharisees.

Let them focus on the cause of their frustration who is Baba.

Ejima Boldness: I won’t be surprised to see her in bikini next time for her hypocritical fellows to burn in anger. It’s time they allow her. She should even move out of that place. It’s toxic. See people who do all manner of dirty things in covered body. Yeye dey smell.

Dasy Ogoh: Those that judge and condemn her do worse with clothes covering them from head to toe. Let the young lady breath for goodness sake. Some of them even want to do what she does but because they are not bold enough they vent their anger at her.

Oluwadusi Syifunmi: They should leave this girl alone and get themselves busy instead of monitoring her with their boring selves,you can’t choose your birth place but you can choose your own life as adult, it’s better to be yourself and live the life that makes you happy instead of bn an hypocrites, what’s wrong with what she’s wearing? ordinary shoulder they are crying.🙄

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Christabel Nkiru: I don wash my hand comot for any fight wey Concern Rahama Sadau. The last one wey i fight , i even go battle field fight for her, but after everything she still curse us join.😅😅😂😂😂

Ndubisi Dera: This woman should change religion nah or better still leave all the religion sef after all it’s not like that’s even the ticket to heaven, all this religions don dey turn to business these days. She should leave that depression technique inform of religion since she can’t live by their rules to avoid stories that touch the heart, let her try humanity instead!

Helen Chioma: Can they just leave this Lady alone,is she the only one ‘showing off her skin ‘ I hate rubbish Abeg, na religion no be bondage

Jafar Halir: Why given her too much attention through condemnation. Its her right to live the way she want, shikena.

Actress Rahama Sadau called out again by Muslims for ‘showing off her skin’ in new photo
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