Actress Susan Peters threatens to walk naked in Lagos if State Government does not release her car

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Nigerian actress, Susan Peters is currently in a battle with the Lagos State Government and she vowed to stand naked in front of Government house if they do not return her new car to her.

According to Susan, her driver violated a traffic offence while going for an errand with the car, and the car was arrested alongside some other cars by CSO Leke Smith.

They were asked to pay a fine before their cars can be returned to them. She headed for the office to pay the fine only to find out that her own car has been transferred to Government house, while other cars were released to their respective owners. She began to question if their reason for transferring hers to the government house is because it’s still new.

See comments and reactions:

Treasure Banigo: I really feel for her.. Losing her dad and grandmother.. Yet they are putting her through all of these.. After watching that video you could literally feel her hurt. They should release her car to her jor.selfish government

Keys Berrykeys: Why are they holding her car for the first place did they buy it for her this government sister do it an course the person in charge of the case

Tunde Adenolu: Aunty sanwo olu would be proud to see naked, it will increase the number of mad people in lagos and you’ll be the class captain because you’re a celebrity

Badguy Eazzy: Me i will just look your breast and scroll past nothing much….federal govt please dont release the car

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Kingsley Nnamani: Your thinking is flawed. You want to publicly expose your nakedness because of a car!!!

I think there should be other reasonable means you can operate so your car would be released: not exposing your treasure.

Olaide Joseph: I don’t wanna see those fallen heroes (breast ) so implore the Lagos state government to release her car.

Nne Rose: You have been planning to go naked not just because of this. You better do that in ur room pls, spare our men eyes from beholding iniquity.

Uchechukwu Iwuegbu: Please make sure you shave your local government and don’t be like a certain etinosa.

Ukoro Dave: Make sure cameras are fix there, i want to be part of the viewers.

Idowu Adedeji: And you think you can move the government by your threat try it and let see Free to air.

Isaac Okechukwu: Please when and where will you go naked oh l forget what’s time. Lagos state pls we are begging you not to release the car please please please please please please please

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