“African cooking makes my house smell” London landlord tells Gambian who wanted to rent his apartment

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A landlord, it has been learnt, refused to rent a room to a Gambian student after claiming that African cooking ‘makes the house smell’.

Ebrima Mboob, who studies at University of the Arts London, was shocked when he heard Elina Vimbsone make the comments.

He had sent her Facebook message to arrange to view a double room in central London.

Screengrabs of their conversation show that Ms Vimbsone was initially enthusiastic but then changed her mind after realising he was from Gambia.

Mboob, 24, a performing arts student, told Sun Online: “I was completely shocked at the landlord’s response and I still am today. Growing up in England, I’ve experienced all types of racism, but this was the first time that I’ve experienced something this absurd.”

Her comments, he said, had made him self-conscious about cooking African food in case his housemates held similar views.

UK law prohibits refusal to rent a property due to a person’s race as it breaches section 12 of the Equality Act 2010.

On refusing to rent him the property, Vimbsone said: “Oh, just seen your profile, it’s for European people only. Sorry mate…”

The angry student hit back: “That’s the worst thing I ever heard.”

Vimbsone then said: “We are not racist… we have friends from Nigeria and all the house smells when they cook.”

Mboob ended the conversation by calling the landlord ‘racist’ and asking her not to send him any message again.

See comments and reactions:

Medina Ocheyi: I thing this kind of landlord doesn’t not undergone what is called Student, because if he do this act would not be exhibit by him.

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Victoria Etuk: Must be a Yoruba food. However, no food smells. She should be sued.

Cherish Apparels: I actually faced same fate with my flat mate but gradually she got used to it, she even eat rice with my stew now

Agu Uche: My former landlord wey bi a Muslim man did the same thing to me at 2015 no peace na my food na e the smell pass when I dey live for face me and face you because I dey cook at passage he frustrated me living in his house looks like hell so I moved out without my rent expiring I couldn’t take it any longer

Amaka Queen: I guess the Nigeria food they are taking about is Yoruba’s food. The pepper they use for their food no be here, I nearly faint the other day bcos of pepper. My Yoruba people I hail una.

Faith Emmanuel: This guy most have used Ogiri Igbo & stuckfish to cook Uhia soup o. That soup can smell for African especially when u come use fufu to send it home with, 😂😂😂 and d dude just got back from d village after Xmas, I deeply understand how d white woman feel. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nwando Nonye: It happened to my brother when he went to India for surgery. But he reported to the hospital that directed him there. His wife was making ogbono with stock fish

Jossy Dickson: Even the next 20 years, I will keep eating akpu there, their government won’t do anything, we are here already… please don’t come inbox to table your case to me,,, I base in Aba

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Igwe Chikezie: How does Nigerian cooking involve Gambian student and his landlady😐

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