African Pastor launches expensive “holy oil” to protect members against Corona Virus

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Controversial Ghanaian cleric Bishop Daniel Obinim of the International Godsway Ministries has done it again.

He is a man famous for his controversial lifestyle and professions and he seems to enjoy the uproar that trails his actions on and off the pulpit.

Multiple reports from Ghana say the self-acclaimed ‘Angel’ during a service in his church last Sunday launched an anointing oil which he said will protect those who use it against the deadly coronavirus.

Just last Friday, he was still in the eye of the storm over a viral video of him producing an international passport from his shoe.

He is the same man who claimed to have the direct phone number of God and calls him anytime he likes.

According to GHPage, the controversial cleric said the widespread of the coronavirus gives him sleepless nights as he fears that it may find it’s way to Ghana and as the closest Angel of his father Jesus Christ he decided to come up with the oil.

The anointing oil is said to cost Ghc 200 (N13,000) and would be used to fend off the deadly virus from coming closer to anyone both physically and spiritually.

So far, the coronavirus has led to more than 20,000 illnesses and more than 560 deaths in China, as well as more than 200 illnesses and two deaths outside of mainland China.

Obinim also claimed the anointing oil has been vetted and approved by the Heaven’s Division of Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and does not need any approval from any earthly government agency.

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See comments and reactions:

Azikiwe Austin Oyiwa: He is a brutish pastor without anointing from God. He is a businessman under the cover of church. And the oil lacks the power of God.

Tammy Kiri: This is nonsense who him help, you are lucky that you are not in Nigeria EFCC whould have use you to shine there shoes.

Mario Francis: Instead of selling it in ur home land Ghana where the virus has not spread to
My brother why not just start exporting it direct to China and help the dieing souls there?
Nonsense and coronavirus

Christian Ikechukwu: He’s a business man that is taking advantage of dreaded virus to make money

Bamidele Oguniyi: Ghanaian businessman, don’t sell to your members alone, extend your business to China but don’t forget to remove pastor from your name. You’re oil baron in your own world.

Okafor Peter Anthony: There is no Coronavirus in Ghana. Why bringing out such an expensive thing when there is absolutely no need for it? I wish his Church members would use the opportunity to read the hand writing on the wall.

Musa Jubril: Thank God the Northerners are ‘illiterate’ as such, we don’t understand what the Pastor is saying. Let those who sabi Book buy the oil

Sabiu Rabiu: May the Good lord carry this pastor with his holy oil to that place. Please God Please help carry this pastor to the midst of Corona Virus.

Louis Justice: But what is wrong with today church goers? To the extent that even with this they don’t still Know he’s fake

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Jean Harry: I don’t longer blame any pastor now rather I blamed those church goers that continue to wear ignorance as a garment.

And is only in Africa you will be hearing this type of news everyday.

Eneojo Alex: Don’t repent o, just wait until all those wicked and fake pastors provoke God to destroy the world. Sign of end time is very where….

Humphrey Gana: the other day na pastor the take alcohol to give members as holy communion… And members were running from their churches to the pastor’s Church. Lol.

Mokwuegwu Emmanuel: African pastors has turned the house of God to something else, and the members are not helping matters with their credulity.. Churches are now avenue for business and false miracles ..May God save us all

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