“Animal, beast ugly bleached face” – Enraged Nigerians drag man who allegedly assaulted his wife with a cutlass and threatened to kill her and their children if she exposes him



Some quite enraged Nigerians trooped to the Facebook page of a man who was accused of attacking his wife with a cutlass in Lagos on Tuesday

According to unconfirmed report, the man, identified as Mr Akingbade Ishaq and is a staff of State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) LGEA EDUCATION SECTOR, Epe branch, Lagos, inflicted machete wounds on his spouse and also kicked her out of the house they reportedly built together and threatened to kill her and their children if she dare expose him.

“This wicked man derives pleasure in beaten his wife often before he used matchet on her recently. The woman has been in bondage of this man for awhile before today. He almost killed her before he sent her packing from his house. The same house they built together. Mr Akingbade ishaq, also threatened to take his wife’s life along with her children if she tries to expose these pictures to anyone.” the report says.

When photos of the battered woman went viral on Facebook, Nigerians located her husband’s account and rained curses and insults on him.

From being a beast in human flesh, to wife beater, murderer, ugly bleached skin oloriburuku and more, they heavily insulted the alleged wife-beater.

More photos, Comments and reactions below,

Christabel Clement: Nawa for some men oo, I am sure he can not fight his fellow men outside… shout-out to all the real Men out there that haven’t raised their hands on a woman…. bcos we self get our own wahala

Everblazzing Ezekiel: Domestic violence is on the rise in our society because some of the victims have tolerated it, thinking that their partner will change but it keeps deteriorating, most women are going through alot in their marriages and they are pretending to be fine and to keep it to themselves and not tell anyone because of what people will say and because they think things will change…

Staying in an abusive Marriage is suicidal, no love should keep a woman with a beast of a Husband, I feel for the lady and I’m happy that she is alive and will be saved from the hands of a male demon…

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There are so many women like her out there but they are scared to speak up…

Grace Vicky: So many women are suffering domestic violence😭😭😭😭😭😭..I’ve said it earlier on that most of these aggressive men show their signs while u were in courtship but then women choose to endured bc they wanted to belong among married people..No responsible beat a woman,they are many way to punish a woman.

Adeosun Abiodun: The signs is always be there right from onset . But because of chicken laps and shoprite jollof you wont want to leave him. If you see an abuse man, the sign is always bright enough to know them but you always ignore nd believe he will change, maybe he will change your skin with beating sha ooo .

Paci Fic: But what could have made a man act in such manner? I think they should check thoroughly to know is he still mentally balanced. Madness can appear at any stage

Nasiru Emmanuel: I wonder why some men transform to animals after getting all the love they desire from women. May his preek stop working 🤔

Nwaka Bona: Pls dear ladies if it’s not working take the walk, stop hiding under the cover of marriage when u are in the opposite.
Being sound and Single is better than being married and shattered.

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