“ASUU agreed to call off strike on Dec. 9” – FG blows hot as strike continues


The Federal Government of Nigeria has condemned the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) for not holding up its end of the bargain by calling off the strike on December 9 2020 as agreed.

The Federal Government denied claims made by the President of the union, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, that it has failed to honor the promises made for it to call off its eight-months-old strike.

In a statement released on December 8, the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, said it is unfair for the academic body to make such a claim.

According to him, ASUU had at its last meeting on November 27, agreed to call off their strike before December 9 but failed to honor the promise.

“The truth of the matter is that a ‘gentleman agreement’ was reached at the last meeting in which ASUU agreed to call off the strike before December 9, 2020, and the Minister, in turn, agreed that once the strike is called off, he would get a presidential waiver for ASUU to be paid the remainder of their salaries on or before December 9.”

“For instance, the Federal Government promised to constitute a Negotiation Committee for the 2009 Agreement and has fulfilled it with the last week’s inauguration of the committee that has Prof Muzali as chairman.

“The N40b Earned Academic Allowances have also been processed just as the N30b revitalization Fund, bringing it to N70 billion. Likewise, the Visitation Panels for the Universities have been approved by the President but the panel cannot perform its responsibilities until the shut universities are re-opened.

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“The gazetting is also being rounded off at the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation while the Ministry of Education is ready to inaugurate the various visitation panels.” the statement in part read.

Read people’s comments and reactions below;


Anita Jonas: In other words,,,one academic year has been cut short and an automatic Xtra year has been shared for all affected students,,,it’s no more getting funny any longer esp to final year students that is supposed to have concluded dia academics…
We all know your children are abroad studying n therefore d children of others are not your priority anymore but it’s good to do what is right
Please you pipu shud come to an agreement already,,,our brains are going decadent as time goes by,,,we have lost a year,,,some of us have even forgotten d roads to school or even our reg no.
Abeg make ona reason and come to a conclusion!!!
This we beg n pray!!!

Naf Yakubu: Their children are overseas studying, while they’re here playing with our future and toying it.
I don’t blame you
I blame bubu and his likes too
That’s why I decided to join some rap gang
Even though the music never yet bang
I rather waste my time killing beats
Than to keep listening to dem shits
Even though they said in the game I don’t fit
Can’t keep waiting for this fake leaders with big heads and big legs
That only knows how to steal and put the blame on some big gorillas and big snakes.

David Paul: Na wa ooo…fg talk say Dem go call of strike for 9th, Asuu talk say Dem no go call of strike till dey pay Dem down to d last Kobo….so who we go believe 🙄🙄😐😐

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Modest Odinakachi: ASUU should continue the deliberation with FG.

They should make sure they get all they demanded from FG. if not, no opening of school. 💪

As for we the students, don’t worry about us because we are fully behind u. We are very much comfortable with the strike. 💪

Adams Usman: ASUU I know u are right in this fight
But I can’t support u when am still an Undergraduate.
When I graduate and served I will personally do the fighting for u

Kjc Cor Medy: As for me, I am no longer going to school! I want to start a taxi driving business….. Please incase u know anybody that wants to sell his or her car, any model, any color with AC and you are sure it’s in perfect working condition and valid papers, with price around 2.5 or 3 million, as long as the engine is not weak yet, pls let the person sell it, it’s none of my business.

Eddybanky Verane: Blow hot and blow job ASUU should stand their ground till their demands are meant. Buhari think say him dey wise. We are now even enjoying the strike unlike before when we were complaining.

“ASUU agreed to call off strike on Dec. 9” – FG blows hot as strike continues
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