BBNaija: Tacha is a Disgrace, Disappointment to Port Harcourt.

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Don’t be loyal to bad habit, and don’t take possession of a bad character. People don’t hate Tacha as a person, they hate her character, and in a country where moral value is really low, they’re justified to do so. Coming from the same geographical region should not be the only reason someone is your sister, representing the things you stand for should be a stronger reason irrespective of where the person comes from.
Rivers people are known to be kind and hospitable, Tasha was the most antagonistic person in the house, all housemates wanted her gone, and nobody cried or hugged her when she left, they were all celebrating. These are housemates who lived with her and were not swayed or influenced by any public opinion or reaction. They showed more affection for Mercy who was saved than for Tasha who left and this should tell you something. Tasha was so arrogant she didn’t even pack her things, the housemates had to do it for her and were all happy doing it. And why won’t they when Tasha never sympathised or empathized with any housemates who left. How could someone live with others for nearly three months and when they left she didn’t show any emotion, no feeling, no humanity. And she kept doing this for the whole program…
She quarreled with every single housemates several times… She had no talent, no skill, no brain, no attitude, no character. At a time when everyone is looking for a good wife or those who are married are suffering in their marriage, a young girl would go on national television to display all the negative attributes of a human being and almost got away with it. If this program was about the people’s vote, Tasha would’ve left in the first round, but the uproar was because we didn’t know who was bankrolling her votes while she continued to stay there threatening our moral values as a people. Big brother is not a game for stupid people, it’s a game for highly intelligent people with great social skills. How Nelson who represented Port Harcourt better, and the better quality humans like Jacky, Enkay, Jeff, Khafi, Venita, etc left for Tasha to stay is what Big Brother needs to address. The system where only one person can give you 10,000 votes is what Big brother needs to stop.
And those small children who are supporting a character like Tasha needs to have their brains checked. Her attitude should make them cry instead come on Facebook to grandstand. A good parent would disown a bad child who has refused to change, this is how Rivers people have disowned that girl because she misrepresented us. And no matter where you’re from, you need to know that serious minded people are now watching this program and will no longer tolerate unpardonable characters. If you have a bad habit keep it in your house and not bring it on national television for display. Tasha’s disqualification is a victory for Nigeria’s value system.

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