Bobrisky will be incurably sick if he doesn’t change his ways – Rivers Prophetess Warns, Drops Prophecy

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A Rivers state prophetess, Dr Blessing Chidinma Prince has warned Bobrisky to change his ways, claiming she has a message from God for him.

Prophetess Blessing Chidinma

According to her, if Bobrisky does not change his ways, he will be visited with an incurable sickness.

The prophetess made this known on Facebook, warning her prophecy on Buhari winning the election came to pass, and so people that know Bob should take this seriously!


She posted on Facebook;

See comments and reactions:

Winnie Morgan: All he needs is our prayers. As a prophetess please pray for God to arrest and transform him.

Sorochi John : OK Bobrisky you only have one chance to rept or this bleeding and swollen body will not stop.

Michael Mikoko: Now that bobrisky is planning to shake social media with his new body look, booom prophecy is here

Daniel Regha: We already know haunty prophetess; herhim Bobrisky will have serious nyash cancer if auntycle doesn’t change shim ways…may God forgive herhim and make shim change..

David Okeke: I think the so-called Bobrisky deserves visitation of calamity for the kind of life he has chosen to live. I pray the prophesy comes to pass, to serve as a deterrent to others.

Salami Yassau: What is your problem with Bobrisky is he diverting your church tithe to his personal account or he’s the reason Nigeria is not or slowly growing?

Clinton Ogar: To me, I pray God mercies visit him soon to change his ways and accept his fate as a man. No one prays evil to be fall anyone let alone sickness. The guy is just being crazy in his ways that’s all.

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King Daniel: Because she must have heard that He/She is in abroad for surgery…Pray and prophecy for the situation of the Country not somebody who have decided to destroy his life…All this fake prophets

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