BREAKING: IGP bans FSARS, other tactical units from patrols, stop and search duties


The inspector-general of police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, has banned operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), the Special Tactical Squad (STS) and Intelligence Response Team (IRT) from undertaking routine patrols as well as stop and search duties.

This was disclosed by Frank Mba, police spokesman, in a statement on Sunday.

This comes after Nigerian celebrities on Twitter lent their voices to the #EndSARS campaign on Twitter.

They joined thousands of Nigerians online who are calling for the abolition of the police unit called SARS.

The unit has been accused of several human rights violations especially of young Nigerians who are seen carrying laptop computers.

The latest social media trend is as a result of a video that surfaced online on Saturday showing an innocent Nigerian shot dead by a police officer in Delta State.

See comments and reactions

Chigozie Emmanuel Uche: This is just to easy the tension the last time was restructuring hope they give them another tactics to combat crime and fraud not this approach at all

Kuha Super: I don’t think this is the right way, as bad as they are there is also good part of them, let all the personals face the consequences of them doing wrong doing it will be an example to others

Chika CThec: SPECIAL ANTI-ROBBERY SQUAD but they now turned to the main robbers.
They should go and rest biko.

They will hear where robbery is taking place but will not come till after the incident then they will now arrive and start shouting “Wey dem wey dem”
Mumu people!

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Chibuikem Amah: This is not enough, saying it is not enough. They are only saying this to calm the outrage and outcry of the poor masses. Stop felling for the same lie all the time. Nothing is going to change.smh

Nick Nice: How many times are they going to barn them?
What about previous barns, what different did it make..

I think #endnigeria should be better than endsars

Chi Oma: What about all diz taskforce that collect bikes from d owner den tell dem to bring 10 thousand naira to collect it back

Alagbu Kate: SARS are wicked. They took me to cell two days to my project defence. If not for God’s intervention…..

Samuel OluwFemi: A letter without a signature nor stamp. It’s a scam my people, this government don’t rate us. This their yeye announcement should have been made on Air (National tv stations and radios). Sars officers are not online to see that their yeye announcement. EEF the government of Nigeria!

BREAKING: IGP bans FSARS, other tactical units from patrols, stop and search duties
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