“Broke men are just loyal because they can’t afford other women” – Artist promoter, James Atuma


Artist promoter, James Atuma has opined that broke men are loyal only because they cannot afford other women.

According to James the loyalty of a broke man to his partner is conditional. Adding that he’s not flirting with other women because he doesn’t have the resources to do so.

The brand promoter berate women who think their relationship is genuine because the man is broke. He noted that the decision to be with one woman by a broke man has nothing to do with loyalty.

Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote,

“Women who date broke men think their relationship is genuine, The guy is just loyal because he can’t afford other women.”

In other news, former Big Brother Nigeria housemate, Omashola has dropped a controversial comment on social media that is currently sparking reactions.

The reality TV star in his comment pointed out that nothing makes a woman more confused than being in a relationship with a broke guy who is extremely good in bed.

See Comments and Reactions

John Uche: Being broke is relative, what could be broke to you might not be so to someone else. Moreover, everybody can be broke. Please, don’t be loyal to the extent that you will be seen as slave to that person just because you are broke. Go and work hard and smart so that you can be able to pay your bills and hers too.

Chibunna Festus: This is something some ladies will like to hear especially when it comes from a man. But remember it’s like when a lady says;
…”Ladies love money and as such jump to the highest bidder.” If you don’t believe this, then I see no reason why you should believe this guy. 🙂

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Goodman Azike: Loyalty is not by being poor or rich..!When you’re smart, rich and influential, society makes excuses for you in many ways..! It may not be but it happens all the time..!

Abiola Ashiru: This is a typical lame and myopic way of thinking. Who are you to determine how people respond to life either rich or poor? A man can choose to be loyal to his woman base on principle or experiences…so shut the dam fuck-up little boy.

Dorathy Peace: Abeg na broke guys cheat pass! Don’t argue!
That is one way their small minds tell them to ascertain their masculinity in a relationship .

Ola sherriff: Womanizing nowadays doesn’t cost a dime. Not necessarily you have millions. Person wey go cheat go cheat but if you don’t want to, You can.

Chuks Oasis: I am not broke and I am loyal and faithful to my wife. Oga think with your head not with your prick. Everyone ain’t kezaya like you. I have seen wealthy loyal men.

Wuraola Ayobani: Yes oo but when de money comes they will be lyk…. my mother did not casterate me now, make i enjoy my life

“Broke men are just loyal because they can’t afford other women” – Artist promoter, James Atuma
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