Drug Abuse, A Challenge To Youthful Leadership ~ Justice Chikezie

Consumption of illicit drugs,a challenge to youthful leadership Intake of unprescribed drugs is refer to drug abuse. Today, youths do not only take unprescribed drugs but take drug that didn’t pass through pharmaceutical test. These drugs has cost several youths their health, life, education and placement in the society. It has also damaged family names […]

Top Countries In The World One can Migrate To And Get Rewarding Jobs!

  These are top nations to travel to and land a quality job. This article intends to feature top nations in the world where settlers could without much hassles , land lucrative jobs. From time immemorial, moving to another countries have posed serious problems of settling down and most importantly, finding a good and decent […]

Why The Igbo Neighbours Chose Nigeria Over Biafra ~ Ikenda Elechi

NEIGHBORS OF NDIGBO DO NOT HATE THEM In response to a publication credited to the Son of late Ojukwu, wherein he implied that the neighbors of Ndigbo hate the Igbos, i argued inter alia; This is an unfair assessment of the neighbors of Ndigbo. Very unfair and insensitive, to say the least. The neighbors of […]

Who gives who, who spends more?

Money, money, money. A song went like “love is sweet, when money enter love is sweeter.” Money is or has become the foundation of any lasting relationship. Love conquers all, except financial problems. You cannot pay your bills with love. That is why it is important for couples to be partners in every area of […]

#LekkiMassacre: The Lies , The Truth And The Sanctity Of Our Nation ~ Forgive Amachree

  The Lies , The Truth And The Sanctity Of Our Nation: I hope you now know that nobody sustained gunshot injuries and no one died from such at the Lekki Toll Gate Protest? I hope you now know that all reputable media outlets are pulling down news related to the alleged Lekki Toll Gate […]

Obarinee Celebrates Justice Chigonum, Publisher of Deroundtable as He Marks His Birth Anniversary

HEARTY CHEERS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A DISTINGUISHED AND AMIABLE PERSONALITY. AN ASTUTE MEDIA EXPERT AND QUINTESSENTIAL TEAMPLAYER. JUSTICE EZIHUO CHIGONUM (C.E.O.)DE’ROUNDTABLE MEDIA OUTFIT. Celebrating a birthday is one of the most important events in one’s life, and to this talented media personality, Justice Chigonum, this comes as a special one Justice Chigonum, is a […]

Amaechi’s Stellar Leadership and the Effect of the Injection of N170 Billion Into the LGAs ~ Achinike William-Wobodo

Amaechi’s Stellar Leadership and the Effect of the Injection of N170 Billion Into the LGAs Written by Achinike William-Wobodo. This Article was written and published in July 2015. Some of the tenses will be in present, and might be awkward in the now. However, the message is an all times recommendation for State grappling with […]

What do women really want in a man?

It has been said, that women never say what they want, and that they don’t always mean what they say. But one thing is certain, a woman always knows what she wants from a man. Apart from physical attributes and also the undeniable sexual chemistry, a woman also wants more than that which meets the […]

2020 In Nigeria; What A Year!!! ~ Ikenda Elechi

What a year! From Covid19 that occasioned job losses, stay at home, restrictions, dwindling govt, corporate & private revenues, human engagement disruption, deaths of prominent & not-too prominent persons, to protests that saw days of business inactivity, lootings, breach of movement by way of Curfew, deaths etc. It’s been one hell of a year Fortunately, […]


HIS EXCELLENCY AMBASSADOR OJI NGOFA PLAYS HOST TO ‘CLASS85’ OF STELLA MARIS COLLEGE PH OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION The immediate past Nigerian Ambassador to the Royal Kingdom of The Netherlands, His Excellency Chief Hon. Ambassador Oji Ngofa, Sunday 27th December, 2020, played host to his childhood friends and classmates from the prestigious and ancient Stella Maris […]

A Breath Of Fresh Air By Dr Dakuku Peterside

A Breath Of Fresh Air By Dr Dakuku Peterside. In recent times, we have been bombarded with news of insecurity, corruption, and secession agitations in Nigeria that we have become so used to them. News and images of kidnapping, ethnic killings, and mayhem, like horror movies, litter our media space, which have almost become an […]

Gov Wike’s Flyovers Can Never Be Matched With Amaechi’s Milestone Achievements ~ Obarinee Wai-Ogosu

WIKE’S FLYOVERS CAN NEVER BE MATCHED WITH AMEACHI’S MILESTONE ACHIEVEMENTS By Obarinee Wai-Ogosu Rt. Hon. Chibiuke Rotimi Ameachi, has become a recurrent decimal in Wike’s daily discussion. In a recent live television interview, Wike challenged his audience to mention one project attracted to River state, by Rt. Hon. Chibiuke Rotimi Ameachi as a Minister of […]

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