“Celebrity marriage is now about views, comments and likes on social media” ~ Actress Judy Austin reveals

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Nollywood actress cum producer of two Nollywood flicks ‘Native Girl’ and ‘Fear’, Judy Austin, born Muoghalu Uchechukwu Judith has shared her thoughts on sex and marriage.

In her words ;
“We all have different opinions on sex, marriage and relationship. As for me, marriage is not an achievement. It’s something good though, a union between two people that love each other. It’s a wonderful thing, it’s a thing to have and cherish. But in this world now, a lot of people marry for money, connection and a lot of wrong reasons. It’s crazy, you see someone getting married to someone just because they know they will gain popularity, best wedding planner, the best dresses etc.

Nobody is thinking of the marriage itself, it’s all about the posting on social media, the comments, the views and likes. To me, it’s a blessing to marry someone because of love, someone you can build with, who can encourage you and stand by you, other than that I don’t see marriage as an achievement”.

See comments and reactions:

Isoken Monday: All that glitters is not gold. Not every smile, everything you see on social media are real, couples can forge a fake smile on pics,forge to be in love, but in reality they are like cat and dog.

Michael Kenneth: Somebody will dress we nobody go see am but once you wear boxer and singlets to buy something fast outside that’s when you’ll bump into 6 of your crush 🥺

Godswill Sunday: Celebrity’s marriages are like trees without roots,. Waiting concern us we love hearing celebrity’s drama around social media🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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Hope Pebor: Most people live their life for social media ,they eat,sleep ,dream social media, every of their emotions is captured on their various pages,no privacy at all

Cyrus Ojege: That’s how stupid our celebrities have become. America celebrities marriage are now surviving now Nigeria celebrities marriage are crashing on social media

Mcmanley Manley: If you don’t want to wear trousers, then don’t wear panties and tight. Infact, don’t wear bumshorts! Religion is a mess

Phay Vor: I don’t know why??😭😭😭🤧they will give birth to children and get divorced leaving them as preys to evil. As the president I will make sure I end it, once and for all. Let me finish crying fes!😭

Godswill Zizi: No wonder most of their marriages don’t last…even my Techno battery 🔋 last longer than some celebrities marriage.

Chukwuebuka Joseph: They will just act one church drama like that then boom they don turn to actress😉😉😉

Ajala Amos: Una never see anything . we are ready for you

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