Clergyman Apostle Omashola say Bobrisky is an agent of darkness-

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Clergyman, Apostle Chris Omashola has again, said that popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, is an agent of darkness.

In a tweet thread he shared on his handle, Apostle Omashola alleged that Bobrisky has an agenda to push for the acceptability of “Gayism”.

He tweeted
Bobrisky should be stopped from inspiring and recruiting more SEXUALITY IMBECILES, Like #JamesBrown and their likes.This demonic rage must stop, it’s not welcomed and will never be in this side of the world. Every sane Nigerian should lend their voice of support.

God said Those supporting and sponsoring #Bobrisky are cursed and will give birth to more #BOBRISKY’s in Jesus Name if they don’t repent. He is Evil and poses a huge threat to our collective societal moral values. He should be stop from inspiring more of his kind. #JesusIsLord

See comments and reactions below:

Young Don Presto: How their call Nigerian barbie agent of darkness, how many people e don dark????


He/she indeed is a agent of darkness and a big problem… If there is a problem, one has to fix it.

Whether you like it or not, #Bobrisky is an anomaly to the society and must be addressed hook or crook.

Wisdom Agudo: You may be right
But we have a lot of agents of the devil in this country
But fear won’t let you mention others
You only mentioned bobrisky because he’s a nobody.

UpTown StreetArmy: He’s not even an agent of darkness… He’s the producer, the director, and the C.E.O of darkness

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Vincent Onuoha: Says a pastor who has a sex tape.A pastor that sleeps with his church members,a pastor that has different sex tapes.Pst Omashola you’re an agent of darkness,a useless pastor,Omashola you are not a pastor but a servant of the devil.Useless man before you preach against someone,first of all,preach to your dirty soul and ask God for forgiveness idiat 😠😡😠😡😠

Hyginus Odoh: Actually the apostle himself is dark, but i think he is talking about the spiritual darkness, my people, dnt allow yourself to be fair and yet be an agent of darkness…Bobrisky apostle say u be agent of darkness………

Tobias Success: Condemning Bobrisky’s life style is like condemning PMB government, the more you fight, the more he rule over you and the more your life get ruined.

Ify Ebole: Bobrisky is an agent of darkness and you’re an agent of light, clap for yourself and judge not that you will be judged.

Muyiwa Odesanmi: Pastor na only celebrities u the see vision ,,we they here o, abeg come see vision for my area Sharp Sharp make we no as he go be very fast

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