COVID-19: Boundary Restrictions Now Milking Grounds For Security Agencies, Task Force ~ Alwell Ene

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All these COVID 19 Boundary restrictions have turned to milking grounds for both the security operatives manning them and the RSG COVID 19 task force

I was at the boundaries between Rivers and Abia and that of Rivers and Akwa Ibom along the Ogoni axis yesterday

There is no need deceiving ourselves nothing like restriction, it has just provided an avenue for extortion and enrichment of the guards

Passengers are made to pay double the fare to enable the drivers bribe their way through.

200 naira at some points and 500 at others with over 10 checkpoints before you get to each Boundary

On the one between Rivers and Abia, pedestrians are even made to pay 100 naira before gaining entry. No one checks face masks.

This is just a replica of toll gates that we had in the past.

I think the government should either intensify measures at the borders or totally remove them as the purpose is so far defeated

See comments and reactions

Jay Emmanuel: Reveal them… At least just for the people to be aware as much as we know nothing will change for now and with this generation of government.. But at least we’re informed.

Hanachor Hanachor: But some months ago when governor Nyesom Wike Accused the Security Agencies especially the Nigerian Police Force of undermining him, some Rivers State people pillorid him.

Elygar Agwu: Ene, while you were spending time at the State Assembly, Government House and Moscow Police, waiting for Press Releases at NUJ, we were harping on the hypocrisy of this lockdown and Boundaries closure. Welcome to a new round of extortion

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Innocent Amadi: Don’t tell Rivers State Government about it because, the reasons to them is not defeated. Taskforce boys must eat since they are not paying them.

Ordu meshark: Honestly they are doing nothing, even the boundary between Rivers State and Imo State, all they want is the money and they will let u go.

Nsisuk Umoh: Which law can be made stand in Nija. since the laws have been made to ban foreign Rice in Nigeria where are they coming from? seen every where. How much more movement within Nigeria.

Emmanuel Ogolo: After this COVID19 , security officers will not bother if Government pay them salary,
Border closure is money making machine for them.
Just take bus to OYIGBO, walk down after the police station along that road, move down Abit , before the the gate constructed by Rivers State Government, drivers pay 4- 5 places before they close to Abia, and those at the Abia state, Immediately you cross Rivers State, collect their own too.
The DPO, police station along that road will not say his or her isn’t aware what is going on there, including Rivers State Commissioner of Police,
And the so called Rivers State Border TASK FORCE.
Border Closure is high level of Pretends and open corruption Against poor citizens.
If you say am lying, just enter bus from Eleme junction, heading to OYIGBO express junction, take bike is 100 naira to the so called border Closure point. You will cry, Women are passing through hell, and drivers paying Seriously, this affects transportation fees. With this hard time.
I decided to do this row investigation, I feel like crying.

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Saturday Udoh: You did not observe well, all buses going to Aba paid first 5oo naira, 2 check pints 5oo & the last 3points 4k totaling 5k and returned to pay 3k at the Corona virus government official toolgate .a sad experience, then those who treks paid 200 naira each

Dennis Izuchukwu: Is this your first time of hearing it or you just want to witness? Cos I have been a victim, when i refuse to pay,I was kept there for a very long time,before they allowed me…’s their time, Allow them to shine
Government are aware of it

George Neebee: They won’t let you talk. It has become an avenue for family support infrastructure to some people. The government is aware.
We’ve said it time without number, both the lockdown and the closure of borders in Rivers State is MEANINGLESS and of effect, only ENRICHED a few individuals. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

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