Covid 19 palliative hoarded in a Warehouse in Ikeja, has been discovered!

On a normal eh, the leaders of this country Nigeria no dey try, but na this one worse pass!

Covid 19 palliative has been discovered in a Warehouse of an estimated length of 600ft by 600ft filled with palliatives. This were the same palliative that was rumored to have distributed in April/May.

Most Nigerians talk say them no receive anything, but today the warehouse is open to all.

The palliatives include, rice noodles and many other goods that would’ve been of great help during the heat of the covid 19 pandemic.

On this bag, it is clearly stated “covid 19”


The person or people who hoarded and hide these palliative are still unknown.

People of “monkey village” Lagos has been going to the warehouse to pack the palliative for their own use as is “their right”.

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