CULTISM: One Dead as Cultists Clash at The Rivers State University


A student has been shot dead at the Rivers State University.

Reports say the student was eating at the Faculty of Management Sciences when he was shot in the head.

The police arrested the shooter as he attempted to escape. An ambulance has arrived at the scene to evacuate the corpse. The student is yet to be identified.

Cultists on rampage at the Rivers State University. One person confirmed dead. As at the time of filling this report, the names of the dead student and those of the arrested suspects is yet unknown




An eye witness (Name withheld) has this to say “This is a confirmed report. Moments ago I was at the campus of RSU and can confirm this development. One of the culprits have been apprehended and serious search is ongoing to get his second.”

The Rivers State Police command and the Rivers State University authority are yet to release statements about the incident.




The student that was assassinated had a gun in his pant according to statement released by Rivers State Police command.

Who knows how many himself has killed and how many he would have killed if he has remained alive?

He that kills by sword will die by sword, it is the word of God and law of karma.

I don’t have RIP to waste

Both the killed and the killer are trigger men, just that one was smarter with the teigger

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