“Dear Men, Stop forming hard guy, cry when you want to and talk to someone – Ubi Franklin.


Nigerian music executive, Ubi Franklin has urged men to stop forming hard guy, cry when you want to and talk to someone when you have to.

The renowned artiste manager and record label boss in his latest post on social media stated that he has never decided to hide how he feels as a man.

According to him, he cries when the need arises urging all men to cry when you want to and talk to someone when you have to.

As a caption to his post, he wrote;

“Dear Men,
Stop forming hard guy, cry when you want to and talk to someone when you have to🙏🏿❤️”

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Martin Beck: Being vulnerable depends on the individual and who you’re with. It is okay to cry and open up, but make sure it is in the presence of someone who understands and can support you.

You will be fine.

Because sometimes, you can be crying and your preek will be hard and you’ll need to relieve stress. Ask Sandra.

Ovie Moses: It depends on the individual, as for me i don’t cry at all but i can be emotional, na wen i dey jss2or3 i cry last and na bcos of cain, walahi d slim cain enter my yansh waaah shaa..! Mehn i just can’t bear the pain at all, i no know weda dem soak am for fresh pepper. Na im i open mouth waah, tears comot 4rm my eyes even janet wey i dey eye dat time con dey laff mi. Since that day i come to a conclusion that no matter what you’re going through all man for himself, some people will only sympathys, but you’ll have to move on..

Chinwendu Immaculate: I wonder who gave more especially our Africans parents the notion that men don’t cry, It’s not really the fault of some guys it’s up bringing. And that’s why you see so many broken guys, You’ll see a fine, Handsome and successful guy walking you think you found something you won’t know he’s just shell and no souls broken beyond redemption………..

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Guy’s biko crying isn’t a sign of weakness but strength, It’s a way our heart releases must of our hurt and frustration, So sometimes if you feel u can’t take it any more don’t be a sadist, Lock urself inside ya room and cry, If you finish crying clean ya eyes drink water and continue.

Ucheson Chukwu: There is something I understand about crying, it helps to heal inner wound.
It also help to relief our mind from load and heavy burden.

But my advice is don’t cry outside if you’re a hard guy.

Ngoodo Cassandra: Yes I support this talk. Men hold up a lot. Women should portray good character and enabling environment for their men to cry on their shoulders when there is need.

Shout out to all the good men. God bless una.

Justin Brown: Exactly! They all want you to be a man, don’t cry, don’t complain, don’t seek help. Just be a man. Are men wood? I have stopped long ago but it’s obvious that they will never understand.

May all Nigerian men succeed!

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