Domestic Violence: Femi Fani-Kayode Reacts, Says He Caught Ex-wife Cheating


The formal aviation minister of Nigeria, Femi Fani-Kayode, FFK has justified his actions in a viral video of domestic violence with wife, Precious Chikwendu.

The minister who has been often accused of being a wife-beater has come out to alleged that his reaction was influenced after catching his fourth wife, Precious in bed with another man.

In reaction to the video shared by Sahara Reporters earlier on October 3, showing him in an argument with his estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu, Fani Kayode however refers it as a ‘propaganda.’

On his Instagram page, FFK wrote, ”@SaharaReporters posted a video which supposedly depicts me ABUSING my estranged wife.This is nothing but a propaganda video.

“There was NO physical abuse. I simply took the phone from her to stop her from recording me after catching her in bed with a married man days earlier.

“I repeat there was NO physical abuse whatsoever and she had been insulting and subjecting everybody, including family members, staff and children, to PHYSICAL and VERBAL abuse the whole day. As usual, it was a nightmare!

“My words in the video are self explanatory. I urge those thet watched it to listen to those words carefully.

“I told her that everyone wanted peace except for her and all she did was indulge in scandal after scandal. I have NEVER physically abused my estranged wife.”

See comments and reactions

Chris Nwaokocha: I knew in my heart that was what caused all that problem. I found it hard to believe FFK who always idolize his wife and speaks about her on poetic term and holds his family as a priority, will be a monster he’s was painted.

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Its hard to believe wife beaters have that mindset

Jossy Uche: A cheap blackmail, a woman that delivers fine four boys and you want to humiliate her GOD almighty in heaven is waching… You will suffer for 600years…

Patience Jumbo: In Africa, whenever a woman is bold enough to walk out of a toxic marriage, the man will accuse her of cheating to try cover up his toxicity. It is very sad!

Amina Usman: That’s why i always tell people dont wish to be or have the live of another person because you don’t know the kind of battles they are fighting. They only show you what they want you to see, just pray for a better version of you. Sad generation with happy pictures.

ThankGod Mgbemena: Seriously, dear Fem judging from your public known quick temperament it is a contradiction in terms for you to have caught your wife in bed with a married man and you are preaching peace instead. Dear Femi, you are a lawyer therefore you narratives should not be this watery and laughable

Efixy Sleeky: even with the money your wife still cheat, and you were busy blabbing shit and hyping her, go settle your issue man we get other things wey dey bother us

Joseph Ubi: U will see them in public as if all is well, please never judge people by their public life, all is never well

Emfis Noni: Be Intelligence the woman already no the consequence of what she did ……she think that, make the video can save her married after ……The man can not just beat his wife without anything and till send him pack …….

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Adaku Macford: Lies!!!! That’s a very convenient and easy lie that wife beaters easily tell to justify their deeds. The man has anger issues.he needs therapy

Ugochi Ajaraonye: He caught her cheating and he was that calm in the video, this man that has short fuse? Abeg I don’t believe this.

Domestic Violence: Femi Fani-Kayode Reacts, Says He Caught Ex-wife Cheating
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