“Don Jazzy is an agent of the devil” – Politician, Seyi Gbangbola blows hot, criticizes Nigerian singers


Politician, Gbangbola has thrown jabs at the popular music mogul, Don Jazzy while claiming that he encourages indecency among youths in the music industry.

Gbangbola also lamented over musicians who sing songs that according to him sounds morally bankrupt. He further questioned if singers are actually asked to gather more souls for the devil in order to redeem theirs; which makes them portray indecency at its climax.

Taking to his Instagram page, he wrote:

I know a lot of you don’t like to see posts like this. I’m not worried about you. But maybe there’s someone out there that needs to see this. For the rest of you, you can ignore. I no dey follow you argue!

I’m only concerned for the decaying morals most of you seem to be shinning teeth about.

Because i kukuma no dey fear you. I mean I’m not even saying the world can be perfect in terms of morals. I’m saying today there is a huge dive in the trajectory of moral standards. And every one acts like it’s okay. Like wtf mehn!

My problem is many of you will not accept this behaviours from your own kids or relatives, but if it is someone else’s, it’s fine? That’s hypocrisy with a sprinkle of witchcraft.


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Faith Diamond: Well.. every Nigeria politician is a devil himself, meaning Don jazzy is your Agent.
So Oga allow us to love your agent in peace at least he get conscience pass you the devil himself.

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Ken Okpara: But this man has a point.. I was watching the video on sound city yesterday and I told a friend that that song is so not cool to even be played for kids cos it’s so uncensored… And to think de singer is just 20yrs.SMH.. Don jazzy should at least made a video that doesn’t portray that kind of absurdity to that extent knowing fully well that lots of their audience and fans are teenagers too… The song sef no make sense lyrically sef.. Justin Beiber no sing that kind song but Grammy and fame surround am…
Thank God people with good African morals are still in existence….

Ezike Novelece: Not don jazzy per say
More like we the fans
They only keep singing like this cause we keep accepting n promoting bullcrap
Justin Bieber wasn’t that stupid at 20😒
I’m just saying
Anyways it’s cause of Desmond Elliot that most of us r acting childish🥺

Omoniyi Adebowale: You see i personally don’t fall for any yeyebrites call celebrities,many of them are so fake that when you see them in real life you’ll not but wonder if you’re seeing well.
But in the case of Don Jazzy, wether he’s an agent of the devil,or he’s the devil himself,all i know is the man is DOING Well.
You no want follow Satan chop life,and your Angels no gree bring ordinary garri,man must chop to survive abeg.
In fact ,me as I dey here i can do anything to bail my family out of poverty.

Nnadozie Nadz: Hahaha
Nigerian politicians wey don dash their soul to devil and one of them is here talking trash about person wey dash humans his soul.

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Fredrick Obinna: What’s your business if don jazzy is an agent of the devil. What are politicians if musicians are now agent of the devil. Kettle calling pot black

Okibie Chidera: Pot calling kettle black
this country don tire me both those under cover riders singing harder and those politician blowing hot are the devils themselves
there are among the major problem we have in nija


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