“Don’t be fooled, you’re doing better than most people you see on social media” – Actress, Mercy Aigbe

Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has advised her followers against believing everything they see on social media.

The 42-year-old mother of two asserted that most people go out of their way to create a false image of themselves, using the word ‘packaging’ to describe it.

Taking to her Instagram account, she advised people not to be intimidated by what they see on social media as they are doing better that those individuals they admire.

She wrote,

“Believe everything you see on social media at your own peril ….
Trust me you are doing far better than a lot of people on this social media street! Don’t let anyone’s ‘packaging ‘ fool you!

Goodmorning my lovelies”

See comments and reactions

Treasure Best: I agreed on this one because not all that glitters are gold.. Thank you aunty Mercy 🙏more 600yrs to your yrs.

Chidera Cassandra: I don’t know what you people are saying oooo me I want to be successful and independent like Mercy Ekeh and Tacha

Ijeoma Ibrahim: Audio life everywhere wait until u see their faces without make up then u just thank God for ur own

Chekwube Chinedu: You are right my dear, is only mumu people that will say I want to be like this person. I come in peace oooooo

Jerrie Bernard: I don’t need to be told.

I know one girl who borrows iPhone X to snap pictures.

Borrows IPhone 11 promax to edit them.

And then posts the pictures with her 2G iTel.

Olafusi Deborah: I can never be fooled with what am seeing on social media laye laye cos I know everybody has what their passing through in their respective houses but they will come outside and make some people feel they are the worst. Be wise

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Nellyjane Esin: Add more volume

Some blocked headed people, e.g BBN fans when trying to cursed themselves…. will be like “she’s/his better than you and your generations” who told you that? Just caused he/ she was on screen?. We have a lots of people with same age group with them making it big out there too without the screen.

Walshak Kos-Trouble Rich: No be lie

Good Phone camera will make you think some people are better than you in real life but behind the fine pictures, there is hunger

Camera quality will make you think some marriages are good but some marriages look like fanta on social media but Alomo bitters in real life

Don’t ever try to compare yourself with people on social media because of what they post, nobody will ever post their failures here

Stay on your lane

“Don’t be fooled, you’re doing better than most people you see on social media” – Actress, Mercy Aigbe
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