Dr Parker’s Entry Into The PDP:  Myth, Reality and Lies ~ Rivers APC

Dr Parker’s Entry Into The PDP:  Myth, Reality and Lie

On Sunday, October 4, 2020, another attempt aimed at deceiving and hoodwinking unsuspecting members of the public was made by Governor Nyesom Wike and the PDP.

Admitting Dr Sampson Parker into the PDP fold,  a dummy that Dr Parker is a member of the APC was sold to members of the public.

Dr Parker, like Barrister Nyesom Wike, the Governor of Rivers State served in the administration of Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi as the State Commissioner for Health. Prior to his elevation to the position of the Commissioner of Health, Dr Parker served as a personal doctor to the current Minister of Transportation.

When Governor Rotimi Amaechi and his friends decided to leave the PDP for the APC, Dr Parker remained stoutly in the PDP. At no time did Dr Parker who later emerged in Abuja as a member of the Green Party after the monumental defeat of the PDP at the national level in 2015 ever join the APC. It is on record that the records of the APC, both in the Rivers State and at the National level, do not have the name of Dr Sampson Parker.  This can be verified.

Dr Parker has a right to belong to any political party of his choice, but for a man of his status to associate himself with an open lie, knowing it to be so, in order to score cheap political points in the eyes of Governor  Nyesom Wike beats our imagination.

We wish to state categorically that since Dr Parker chose to go his own way in the years preceding 2015, he has never enjoyed any close political tie with Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi. We however understand that there is an urgent propaganda need for Parker to fill from the perspective of the PDP. But our reaction is simple. Rivers people are no fools. They know who is who.

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Apart from setting the records straight, we do not wish to join issues with either Governor Nyesom Wike or Dr Sampson Parker. The antics of telling brazen lies that is being employed particularly by Barrister Nyesom Wike are outdated. Those antics have lost their flavour. For how long will these lies be part of our political milieu?

Finally, Parker should be man enough to stand up to his own image. To stick to the Amaechi name as he has done means only one thing. It means that Dr Parker who declared his membership of the PDP in Okochiri Ward 5 cannot climb to any notable political height without wearing the Amaechi name as a badge of honour.

Meanwhile, we urge Rivers people to ignore the heinous lies that are being peddled by the PDP. They should rather ask Governor Wike to explain why the State is owing over N300 billion to creditors. They should ask the Governor to disclose the identity of the unknown and faceless investor in whose name Rivers people  and non indigenes alike are being edged out of their living homes and business  points.

We also urge Governor Wike who recently claimed in an interview that he is developing the entire local government areas of Rivers State to show proof of such effort. The Rivers people have a right to know. No amount of lies would change the fact that nothing tangible is going on at the grassroots.

Ogbonna Nwuke
Rivers APC

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