Drug Abuse, A Challenge To Youthful Leadership ~ Justice Chikezie

Consumption of illicit drugs,a challenge to youthful leadership

Intake of unprescribed drugs is refer to drug abuse. Today, youths do not only take unprescribed drugs but take drug that didn’t pass through pharmaceutical test.

These drugs has cost several youths their health, life, education and placement in the society. It has also damaged family names or image to the tune of public discremination.

As a result of the consumption of these illicit drugs many youths now suffer from mental health challenges, brain tumor, involving in criminal activities, such as armed rubbery, snatching of phones, hand bags, burglary, social vices like, cultism, bandit, maiming of innocent citizens and political thuggery

Some of these drugs are contraband drugs which makes it criminal to peddle or sell such to any person (s). Some of these drugs include; tramadol, codine, cannabis, etc.

Now, how on Earth can someone who peddle or consume illicit drugs be seen as a potential/prospective *Leader* no matter his level of education? What will be his/ her public conduct or behavior?

Can someone who is a political thugs be seen as one that can be given position of trust in government?

These and many more questions that requires answers from the youths cum leaders of tomorrow.

Let us stop drug abuse, it destroys destiny faster.

Chikezie Justice


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