#End Sars: How A Medical Student Fainted After Finding Out That Her Missing Brother Is The Cadaver In The Lab


An anatomy student in Unizik allegedly fainted after they brought in a body for them to disect, and she discovered that it was the body of her brother who went missing four years ago.

According to Enobong Jackson who shared the story on Twitter, the young girl was an anatomy student in Nnamdi Azikiwe university, and during practice in school, she found the body of her brother who got missing years back, being used as a cadaver.

Enobong wrote;

“My pastor’s son was an anatomy student in UNIZIK and he told me about how his fellow student fainted when they brought a body for them to work on and she found out it was her brother that went missing Four years ago💔💔💔

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Sasha Chy Som: Chisossss….
This is the worst way to find a sibling
I pray she recovers form this traumatic experience

Tessey Grace: This is heartbreaking…
I hope she recovers from this traumatic finding that might affect her mentality

Chi Colette: I thought corpse used for cadaver are mostly cultist,robbers,etc..if his case was dat of unidentified he would have been buried close to d mortuary…chai,she might never recover from d shock.may the Lord strengthen Dem.Pls avoid crimes oo make u no give ur siblings hbp.

Stan Li: Guess she must have been happy using his brodas dead body for experiment before she found out. Dis describes the poor state of the nation. DAT university has to explain how they got that dead body 😨😨

Ejike Chimsuruoke: Sad, family ain’t even aware that their lost dead son is being used for studies in a lab. This is outrageous and abuse of human rights . The family gotta sue the school and investigate the matter.

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Amaka Alexandra Nnajiofor: Is heart breaking though, but she came in to the lab for real practicals with cadaver. What if it wasn’t her bro? I hope the practicals would have been an awesome one.
And her type of person might even take selfies with the cadaver 😡

(E buru ozu onye ozo, odika e bu ugwu nku) .

Edward Bennie: Yeah….her brother was actually missing for four years after been arrested by sars….only for him to be brought into the lab four years later for an experiment

#End Sars: How A Medical Student Fainted After Finding Out That Her Missing Brother Is The Cadaver In The Lab
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