#EndSARs: FG Should Shut Down Social Media – Kemi Olunloyo


Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has condemned the ongoing #EndSARs protest and further encouraged the Federal Government to shut down social media.

The investigative journalist considers the fight against police brutality and harassment of Nigerian youths as unwarranted and an unnecessary cause.

In a tweet, Dr. Kemi Olunloyo stated that such a move is not so special as countries like China, Turkey, and Tokyo have once shut down the internet in such circumstances.

“China did it Turkey did it Togo did it I’m an international Journalist and I support the Government SHUTTING DOWN @Twitter @instagram and @Facebook during the #EndSarsNow uprising. Last week I said this country will shut down in a week, the same ppl abusing me. #ShutltAllDown.” She wrote.

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Nkem Jacob: Dr Kemi. how did you feel when the police/SARS embarrassed you , your child , and your signee .. on your way back from the studio?

I remember how you came down from the car, did a 360 turn .. and began threatening them , asking them if they knew who you are .. at that point you remembered the position your father has/had and how many people you know in Nigeria .. you also spoke about the places you have worked and your international recognition..etc

Dr Kemi. You have forgotten that most people being harassed have no body to speak for them .. most are genuine people who work hard and are naturally clean with good taste and sense of fashion and they get killed ..

And the only advice you thought of in your head and in your mind is for the government to shutdown social media.

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Most of us have no where to go aside this Nigeria .. you say what ever you feel like because you probably have a dual citizenship.

We done tire for you self . With all your first class see the rubbish you dy talk .. Abeg take style deactivate your social media let us concentrate .

Oge Rita: Old woman…old woman….old woman…. No make Buhari come reason this matter ooo cus if e happen ehh…Old woman honestly na better fight me and you get ooo….

The only joy giver in this country once you get your data na em you dey say make them shut down….orie bajeee😞😠😡

God’stime Iyayi: This woman is mad, cause no Sane person would wake up and spit such rubbish.
Besides it’s her that needs to leave social media, so we all can hear word.

Chima Njoku: This woman isn’t normal she needs to go to hospital .You can imagine what she is saying for crying out loud we need to end this police brutality once and for all .#EndSARS for us and our future generations.

Peter Uchendu: This woman is a real witch, she is among the evil that refuse Nigeria to move forward, see her face like SARS uniform.😕😕😕

Engr Godwin: So the people when they stay near this woman none fit slap her brain 🧠 put for refractory mood

Onyekachi Godson: So that your madness will reduce small
How come at old age you still misbehave and talk shit MRS??

Sandy Chies: She needs to go back to prison for Factory settings. Something obviously happened to her,only the prison wardens have answers to her situation….

#EndSARs: FG Should Shut Down Social Media – Kemi Olunloyo
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