#EndSARS: Is The Continuous Protest Necessary Since Government Has Acceded To Most Demands Made By Nigerians?


By Ikenda Elechi


Now, let’s be clear. Nigerians have the right to peaceful protest/march. And this had been demonstrated in the past 2 weeks or more

Fortunately, the govt has acceded to most demands made by Nigerians.
In the light of that, in our small ways, we must encourage the govt to do more

The govt must be encouraged and supported to do things right with Security, Education, Youth Empowerment, Infrastructures, Poverty Eradication, etc

A march encouraging the govt to do these is not necessarily a March against #EndSARS but to encourage govt to do more in birthing a new Nigeria

The way some people are acting or talking, they seem to have solely appropriated to themselves the right to march/protest for or against anything

But a march mustn’t be led by any particular person or group to be a march, it mustn’t be led any particular person or group before it can be termed a act of patriotism or be seen to be meaningful

So, if you see reasons to be a part of this march, please do not let anyone directly or indirectly cajole you into abandoning it. Don’t let them manipulate you with words, actions or inactions, it is the same right they have that you also have, it is the same constitution that protects them that protects you, it is not a must for you to see things through their own lenses neither are you Jollof Rice to make everyone happy by acting in a particular way they want. Nobody’s happiness is more important than yours

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See Comments and Reactions


Gogo Wellington: This is what loyalty to the wrong course brings.. My brother whether the resistance works or not, don’t place yourself on the wrong side of history.


Toks Kenneth:

PMB has taken step any responsible government will take in a sane clime in response to these demands. But the sponsors of the protest would not want any of that. They just wanted to remove the President through the backdoor.

As we speak, 36 high ranking officers in the police force have been fired already. That’s a good response from the federal government.
29 are to face prosecution…
State governors have been given the mandate to inaugurate Committee on Judicial Inquiry for Public hearing. This committee will involve mainly youth leaders in various states, Human right organizations, It will be chaired by a high court Judge.

What else do they want? Ur guess is as good as mine.


Mark Le-Ele: Bad timing! I hope u guys match in peace. But know this, any casualty that arises as a result of this seemingly “covert govt sponsored anti #EndSARS match”, is on your heads, and posterity won’t forget u guys.


Ogbams Ejinma: This sycophantic protest must come from Rivers State. I hope the same authority will also allow A 50 MILLION MAN MARCH/PROTEST AGAINST BUHARI when it also comes up?


Darlington Azubuike Amadi: They will give you #500k or less to mobilized people and you pay dem change to follow u, after few weeks the money go finish and you will still come back to same hole. Let me ask you, how much do you spend fueling you generator for that your business? Why can’t you encourage the govt to give you steady light? You are an apostle of freedom, justices and equality. Ikenda do we have it in this country?

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Obinna Johnkennedy: Why, in your overzealous acts of sycophancy, draw PMB into a foray mutually exclusive to him. Nigeria’s deranged structure and ills did not emanate or start from this regime. But, only offers him (PMB) the rarest opportunity to recalibrate and catapult the nation to the part of progress by listening and implementing the demandsofthepeople. Rather than match, infamously, for and in support of ineptitude, fleceing of our common patrimony, and wanton debasement of our youth’s future, let’s match for a better Nigeria, and in line, with #EndSars proponents’ demands. #End10millionmatchforPMBnow

#EndSARS: Is The Continuous Protest Necessary Since Government Has Acceded To Most Demands Made By Nigerians?
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