“#EndSARS promoters must be prepared to face the law” – Presidency “#EndSARS promoters must be prepared to face the law” – Presidency


The Presidency has said everyone, either celebrities or promoters, who allowed the #EndSARS peaceful protest to become riotous must be prepared to face the law.

Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, made this known while speaking on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics on November 8.

Actions are already being taken against protesters as the Central Bank of Nigeria froze the bank accounts of 20 #EndSARS frontliners. Another key promoter, Modupe Odele otherwise known as Moechivious was also prevented from travelling last week and her International Passport was seized by the Nigeria Immigration Service.

When Garba Shehu was asked why the CBN ordered the accounts to be frozen, he said the bucks stops at the president’s table and everyone involved in the protest must account for their actions.

He said,

“This country has only one president and has only one constitution. President Muhammadu Buhari is responsible for his government. The buck stops on his table.

“We are a country governed by law. There is a constitution —under section 33— that clearly defines the rights of citizens to freely protest in a peaceful way but where a peaceful protest turns into riot, violence and looting, there is a law and order duty to be performed.

“Everyone witnessed the massive looting of public and private properties particularly in Lagos, Calabar, Plateau, Taraba and some other states, even the FCT.

“Now, the laws of the country must be allowed to decide, to rule on wrongdoing on the part of anybody.

“I am not particular about any celebrity or promoter but this country has been harmed enormously and people should be prepared to account for what they did.”

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Beloved Mathew: That’s how they frustrated Naira Marley till he couldn’t speak against their heartless maltreatment against innocent Nigerians
This is not a democracy government.
We can’t talk, we can’t air our grievances
This is NOT acceptable

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Diamond Chi: There’s currently no president.

Just a “presidential cabal” of Fulani oligarchy and an imposter figure head.

It is just few powerful individuals giving all these directives to subjugate, oppress and intimidate the masses into jittery, murmuring, and voiceless slaves.

Well, at least we know now that dire stance. We all must acknowledge that its either, restructuring or disintegration by force that is imminent.

“EVIL is defeated when the GOOD decide not to stay SILENT.”
#Endsars, #restructurenigeria, #endbadgovernance, #endnigeria_and_save_lives
You choose..!!!

Victor Thomas: This is a government that suffers its citizens yet
Punish them for speaking up
This is no democracy
This is dictatorship

Kenneth David’s: Criminal elements in the name of leaders. Your time is up and you are all going to pay heavily for the pains you have caused the citizens of this country.

David Ejindu: Nigerian govt and their undemocratic acts,youths are still angry they are still trying to provoke them more,they will find what they are looking for soon

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