#EndSARS PROTEST HIJACK: We Should Learn To Take A Bow When The Ovation Is High ~ Esara

Nobody is against protests. I certainly am not. I have participated in protests. I will still participate in peaceful protests.

In every protest demands are made, however will it not be thoughtless to request that all your demands be met right in that spot?

You went to school. Your teacher told you to pay school fees. You went home and asked your father. He tells you to give him some time. He picks up his phone in your presence and starts making calls to raise the money. You heard him. You went to the living room and starts destroying things because he is not able to give you the school fees that very moment you asked. Is that the way to go?

We all have equal rights conferred on us by the constitution. You protest, which is your right and stop others from exercising their own rights, even going as far as destroying their property that you didn’t give them money to acquire. Does protest make your right superior to others?

We need to learn when to stop after starting so very well. There is nowhere peace is achieved through violence. Peace can only be achieved through understanding and negotiation.

I do believe it is time to #EndTheProtest and #OpenDialogue. Together we can build a peaceful Nigeria.


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