#EndSARS: Protesters Cart Away Ekiti State House Of Assembly Signpost




The past few days have been characterized with Nigerian youths coming out in unison, to speak against police brutality, and incessant killing of young Nigerians by men of the infamous unit of the Nigerian police force.

Peaceful protest has held daily in different parts of the country, yet Nigerians have continued to relentlessly protest until all their demands are met.

Similarly, the aggrieved youths in Ado Ekiti staged a protest at the house of assembly in the state, and have come out in their numbers, to lend their voices to the call for better governance and complete reform of the system.

However, it was alleged that the governor aides shot at the protesters, and in retaliation, the protesters in annoyance whisked away the house of assembly signpost.

See photos below,

In other news, the youths from Rimin Gado local government in Kano, allegedly attacked a member of the house of representative in the state.

It was learnt that he was severely beaten by the youth, who accused him of making promises and not fulfilling them.

Read comments and reactions

Emmanuel Paul: We will continue to protest till what happened in Mali repeat in Nigeria we are serious about it. This is the real time of our independent from bad government and government brutality.

Ezennajiego Ebuka: I am very much interested in those Abuja protesters blocking airport road, they should block it well. Nobody is travelling to anywhere.

Mfon Emenyi: We should tell ourselves d the truth,what do our Legislators do in dat chambers daily and carting away such humongous pay(SARS) monthly leaving d nation in tarters?, cos for the past 60yrs we can’t see a viable result on the citizens;cut off all dis nonsense n give them sitting allowances for every sittings as of when due never more than twice or thrice a month with 50 to 100k max pay each,then u will witness them vacate those position for d real contented n committed legislators as in youths ,stop looting the nation dry by proxy dis is outright robbery..

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Joseph Omoobaorun: I don’t support this, the protest should be peaceful…we shouldn’t give this people reasons to fight back and claim they are protecting life and property. The world is watching.

Funnybliss Unusual: What is it so diifficult to Endsar
These is not all about endsars anymore they now know that the youth have standup to speak against bad Government that why they are scared of disbanding Sars /swat because they know other protest will follow #endbadgovernment #EndSARS

Godiya Madaki: Nigeria is a mess how can one person collect millions of Naira as salary every month while millions of citizens are suffering
Just because he is a sanator
We need to protest on that too😖😖😖

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