#EndSARS: We must regulate social media before it destroys us – Lai Mohammed


The Federal Government is insisting on the regulation of social media in the country.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, appeared before the House Committee on Information, National Orientation, Ethics and Values, today, October 27th, to defend the 2021 budget proposed by his ministry.

The minister, while responding to questions from members of the committee, noted that the next war to be fought in the country and across the world might be fought the social media, making reference to the ongoing #EndSARS protests.

Mohammed stated that the government was not seeking to shut down social media space in the country because “the social media has come to stay.”

He, however, stressed the need to have a policy that regulates social media and check fake news and misinformation.

“The biggest challenge facing Nigeria today is fake news and misinformation. Based on that, we dedicated an entire National Council on Information’s meeting to that issue, after which we launched a national campaign against fake news in July 2018.

“We said, then, that the next war will be fought without a shot being fired, but with the use of fake news. We didn’t stop there. We went on a tour of all media houses to solicit their support in the fight against fake news. We launched the campaign to regulate social media, which was bitterly contested by the stakeholders. We kept saying that if we don’t regulate social media, it will destroy us.” he said.

Read people’s comments and reactions below:

Omoruji Judith: Thank God Nigeria is one of the most focus country that been watch right now all over the world,how can they be oppressing us to the extent of shutting us up through social media simply because we all started knowing how dirty you all are,Thank God for social media we wouldn’t have known abt palliative….Lai Mohammed be ashamed of yourself okay greedy old man..

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Tina Aworobusoye: Hmm these politicians are very funny so they think we’re mumu ok let wait and see how they will implement this law Nigeria will burn if they try it imagine very soon they will even tell us not to go to school again

Akinbobola Sumcent: U guys have destroyed yourselves from day1 when u came up with the slogan “CHANGE” and in return u gave the country “STAGNATION”. The social media has nothing to do with your destruction ok old man.

Desting Ifumummy: I tink is time we regulate this old and wicked fools posing as leaders buh wolf in disguise seriously

Azeez Abiodun: Freedom of speech is a fundamental human rights of every citizen in a democratic society.Even buhari cn nt stop us 4rm expressing ourselves. Ewu!!!

Kreez Blaq: Look at who is talking some one that can’t turn on his phone,even your children, the president children,the senators children will suffer it kuku short down telecommunications company now goat.

#EndSARS: We must regulate social media before it destroys us – Lai Mohammed
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