Ensure your husband buys properties with the name of your kids if his family members are greedy ~ Toke Makinwa tells women

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Popular media personality, Toke Makinwa, has taken to her social media page, to share deep thoughts on greedy family members.

According to Toke, if a lady finds out she has greedy in-laws, such a lady should not fail to ask their husbands to put properties in their children’s name

She wrote

“I’ve never heard of “men” being kicked out of the house when their wives die or properties being seized, cars collected, humiliated, etc. why are women still subject to this rubbish still? Why? Like Why?”

“The entitlement of these so called “in-laws” after their son dies is disgusting, all the things they could not try while he was alive, how can someone die and the neighbors have to come in to rescue his wife from vultures called relatives? It’s always the woman that suffers.”

“If you are married to someone who has greedy family members, if they all solely depend on your husband for everything, pls ensure he puts everything in his children’s name if he refuses to jointly have your names on property, it’s ok, let him put your kids names.”

See people’s comments and reactions

Nina Useni

She just said the truth, most family members don’t know there brother when he is poor and struggling but once he is rich that’s when u will know he as a brother from another father they will gather is house everyday as if each day is his birthday, looking for fault in his wife once something happens to him now they won’t think two times before kicking the lady and her kids out, that’s why men should learn to secure something for there kids all family members are not the same

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Lucy Jones
For those that will hear. I wonder how a man will marry, have children and one hr dies anyway, they assume that the children are not his and push them away without iota of pity as if the children fell from sky and not their blood.
If you are so rich, put things in a way that it will benefit your whole family members in case you die, but the children should get the larger part of it..

Collins Osaro
Before nkor ? It’s only a foolish man that won’t do such, except maybe he’s yet to have a child. Even without having a child the fact that you’re married, when i say married I mean marriage not courtship or the lady staying with you. You must have provisions (WILL) on ground with your name and wife’s name on it. To avoid story that touches the heart

Ogagan Blessing Clare
She just split out the fact…only men that are useless will disagree with her.

Tomilola Oluwalade
It’s very unfortunate we still have such things happen to women in this time and age, that’s why it’s very important to be very independent as a woman..I cant marry till I have established a certain level of independence

Yetunde Olatunji

Truth is bitter
But she said the right thing, family should work and make life for themselves

Felix Fejiro Blessing
It’s not all about putting the wealth in ur children’s name. It’s all about been prayerful too. Some family are so devilish that they can go to any length to take the wealth back from the children if any thing happen to the man.

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Kojo Michael Mary
Some men are too stubborn, they won’t want to listening to you even when you advise them to do so… And the end of it all leaving the wife and the children to suffer.. you have a point dear.

Holory Adejoke Toheebat
That’s true oooooo.sum inlaws are just too selfish….they won’t hustle but they will be waiting for their son to die and start dragging what they don’t labour for…thats why is also good as a woman to have something doing……to have savings should in case..but some of our women wont remember to save .they are so carried away with parties………

Abosede Temitope Bamisaye
Some family members they’re very greedy,they don’t no when the man and his wife suffer for the wealth,they want to reap where they did not sow…may God help us

Cyn Thia
That’s y some men will die and the man’s family will snatch everything from her and leave her to suffer with the kids

Goodness Sunday
Asin eh
My children can’t come and carry last.

E get why
Especially if your mother- inlaw is wicked and annoying

Gift Oleh
She is right, like mine when my dad fall sick his greedy brother can’t even wait for my dad to die first before coming to ask for his house documents chasing all his tenants out of the house

Jenifer Ugama
Absolutely!!!….my uncles tried to sell my dad’s properties behind my mom…even after my dad put my brothers as next of kin’s,,, imagine he didn’t put them…..ours would have been a sad story of being chased out of what is ours…to suffer

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Kc Evans
Just pray that your partner lives till his children grow up to defend whatever your partner puts in their name, I’ve seen cases where those greedy family members claim their brothers properties even with the fact that he has kids

Tochukwu Mark
well said shaa. But are u praying for ur husbands to die early. I don’t understand again. Why is it that ladies of this days think that their husbands will die before them. Hmmmm

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