Entertainers are sacrificing their souls to the devil – Maheeda

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Caroline Sam, popularly known as Maheeda, shocked many of her fans when she recently revealed that she’s now born-again.

Maheeda, who once called herself ‘Naija bad girl,’ told Saturday Beats she got convinced to dedicate her life to God after listening to a preacher online.

She said, “I listened to a preacher online and it ministered to my soul. It made me believe that I have to present my body to the Holy Spirit to use and I have a purpose in life to fulfil. I know people are waiting for God to change me. I looked at my life and there is nothing I need that I don’t have; God has provided all. My daughter might get married soon because she is a woman now. So, I have nothing to do now than to work for God.”

Sam also noted that she has put a stop to posting erotic videos and pictures on social media.

Counselling her colleagues to change their ways and dedicate their lives to God, she said, “God still loves them and He is waiting for them with open hands. It is better late than never. In this evil world of spiritual powers everywhere, they (entertainers) are sacrificing their souls to the devil and it’s easy for him to deal with them as he wants because they don’t have the protection of the Holy Spirit.”

Maheeda also insisted that she owed no explanation to people who doubted her new faith. She said, “I owe no one any explanation. It is about God. If anybody wants to find out if its genuine, they should ask God. The period of this pandemic is an opportunity for people to move closer to God and have a personal relationship with Him, instead of always relying on their pastors.”



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Chibuzor Digwe: One of those desperate clout chasers who would rather prefer spewing nonsense in order to get the media’s attention rather than serving interesting facts that are not just valid but sensible

Angus Jonathan: Maheeda u made the best choice…may God perfect what he has started in ur life
Old things has passed away

James Temitope: Some already sold theirs without  knowing and devil pay  nothing for them… at least  those  got a bargain …God saves us all

Bethel Ejovwoke: You’re right. They do that for fame, wealth, riches and power but little did they know that Satan is deceiving them

Jessy Nina: You fellow them na why you know….. If you fellow please go and collect it back…..you are looking sick😑😑😑

Echezona David: Are you the one leading the sacrifice
Where you there with them
How did you know
The angel incharge of the whether yesternight may God increase your salary..chai n**ga on heavenly AC trowey remote..🙆🙆🙆

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