Financial Experts Predicts Economy Boost as Buhari, Amaechi Links Nigeria By Rail ~ Obarinee Wai-Ogosu




Obarinee Wai-Ogosu

Nigeria, regarded as the most populous black nation in the world and Called the “THE GAINT OF AFRICA”.

Nigeria is unique, it is the only developing country in the world going through a rapid rail network expansion, and the scale of the expansion and improvement over the last five years is striking.

Trade facilitation procedure, and a reliable transport network play an important role in ensuring a dependable and transperent backdrop for successful movement of goods and services.

Financial experts have hailed the Presidency and specially the Nigerian Minister for transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibiuke Rotimi Ameachi for his innovative ability, especially the financial gains the Nigerian state stands to achieve through the rapid ongoing railway infrastructural development.

In other large countries, such as Argentina, Canada, India, Russia,USA, their national Railway systems had already been formed in the 1950’s.

If there’s anything Nigerians need more than anything else, is to support the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, a system determined to connect the entire country by Rail.

A government that takes completion of projects serious, an administration that reasons that every Government owes it to the people to follow through on projects inherited from erstwhile governments, and to see them through to the end, instead of abandoning them and obsessing with starting new ones for the sake of ego.

Nigeria has a history of abandoned projects after billions of dollars have been expended. Itakpe-Warri rail was abandoned for almost 25 years until the Buhari Administration completed it.

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The Buhari administration also completed the Abuja Urban light rail project

Recently President Muhammadu Buhari, commissioned the 326km Itakpe-Ajaokuta-Warri Rail line, declaring the rail line open for commercial operations, the President also instructed the federal Ministry of Transportation to link all the Nations ports of Origin and destination-Apapa, Tincan, Warri, Onne and Calabar ports, to the rail network to enhance overall transportation and economic capabilities.

The Federal Executive Council approved the disbursement of $1.96 billion, for the railway line from kano to Maradi in Niger Republic.
The strategy of linking kano to Maradi by rail will look at reviving the acient trade links that existed before.

With the kano-Maradi rail line in place Nigeria is strategically placed to benefit more from the African Continental free Trade Area(ACFTA) agreement.

The $1.96 billion kano-Niger rail would enable Nigeria service land locked West African nations through the movement of cargos to Lagos and also make Nigeria compete with other coastal West African Nations.

The Federal Executive Council, just approved another contract, the award of contract for the rehabilitation and construction of portharcourt to Maiduguri Eastern Narrow gauge Railway, with new branch lines and trans-shipment facilities. It also approved the construction of Deep seaport in Bonny under PPP and construction of a railway industrial Park in Portharcourt.

The Railway line will be at the cost of$3,020,279,549. The industral Park, which is under PPP, at no cost to federal government, cost $241,154,389.31. The Bonny Deep seaport will cost $461,924,369 at no cost to the federal government.

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The Buhari Administration’s investment in Railway infrastructure is key to creating good jobs and promoting full economic recovery for the country.


Financial Experts Predicts Economy Boost as Buhari, Amaechi Links Nigeria By Rail ~ Obarinee Wai-Ogosu
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