Frustration hit a fuel pump attendant moment a Nigerian Man pranked a Petrol Attendant by taking his Tesla Electric Car to Buy Fuel at Filling Station in Lagos


There was a funny moment caught on camera as a Tesla owner took his electric whip to a petrol station in an apparent bid to confuse the fuel attendant, lol.

A man and his friend caused a big scene in Lagos state and it was an interesting drama to behold. In a video that has gone viral online, he drove a Tesla to a petrol station, and the fuel attendant kept asking where his tank was.

The attendant kept asking the man to re-park so that he’ll see the tank opening but after checking both sides with no success, a voice in the video in Yoruba wondered whether the tank is beneath the vehicle.

After much confusion, the man revealed that the car is an electric automobile and does not have any need for fuel.

The video also stirred a conversation online as social media users blasted the Tesla owner for making the attendants look foolish.

Ejeh John: When you buy such car, make sure you buy your own personal transformer join.

Nigeria wasn’t among the country Tesla have in mind when producing that electric car.

Wait o, why buy such car when you know that you will still buy fuel or gas to power your generator before charging it???

Ejeh O John’s Literature

Miguel Chukwuka: This electric cars sef; it will so disappoint you in this country because charging spots aren’t available in every part of the streets. Unlike out petrol stations.

Uzuazo Jerry: Some people and prank self….. what if the motor now spark in that fuel station…..shey they will now be telling us to cry for him here on Facebook…because Nigeria bloggers can make you stop work just to cry for people who are having challenges because of the way they report news

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Mayowa Emmanuel: Everyone is talking rechargeable but una done forget maintenance o… This car does not have an engine, what it has is an electric motor.

If e spoil na to move am go back tesla o 😂

Before you buy a car think of maintenance o

Edward David: Hope he has a big generator set attached to d car. Wt transformer if possible, it’s also foolish buying electric car in Nigeria wn u will end up fueling ur generator to charge it, why not just reduce d stress

John Simon: Stupidity is buying this car because u don’t want to buy fuel, but still put 30 litter’s ‘jerry can’ inside the same car just to buy fuel to power ur generator to charge the same car ……life no balance o🏃🏃

Kyndail Mary: Meaning? 😠

Him d prank am na him friend abi family member?
Na him school mate were dem follow argue who get sense pass?
Abi na him colleague were dem d compete with ni?

Abeg make Nigerians d calm down for show body sometimes. Mctheeeew 😙😙😙

Olusegun Ninaola: We are getting there gradually… Very soon crude oil will be useless n we will all go back to agriculture ☺.. In due time

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