Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo has told married men to help their wives get their “s*xy” back, instead of having sexy women as side chicks.


Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo has told married men to help their wives get their “s*xy” back, instead of having sexy women as side chicks.

The media personality took to Twitter to advise men who have side chicks to help their wives get s*xy again.

According to her, men should go to the gym with their wives if they think they’ve put on some weight, buy them sexy clothes and take them out to get their hair done. She pointed out that this will boost their wives’ confidence and self esteem.

She tweeted;

“Some men will marry and have s*xy side chicks. Why don’t you just help your wife to get her s*xy back. Go to the gym with her if you think she’s put on weight. Buy her s*xy clothes, take her to get her hair done. Motivate her and help boost her self esteem again.”

See her tweet below,

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Chioma: It’s hard to make some women s*xy
They will keep complaining
“I can’t wear it” “it’s too tight I can’t breath” “it’s reviling” but side chicks wear them without u asking for it..

At times try seducing ur husband…just wear g_string same color with bra and walk around the house…save him food …throw the remote on the floor in his front….bend down very well and pick it….God no born that man well if him junior no rise😏

Stephanie Ifeoma: Exactly 👍 but if your hubby can’t help , then you can help yourself 🤞 to look s*xy

Peter Uchendu: She should knw how to keep her man.
You can’t help such an adult who has passed through the stage of looking superb.
She has degree in dressing as veteran.
Secondly men are polygamous in nature, you can’t change that.

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Udo Okoroji: Success in marriage is more than the physical. If na by looking attractive, we’d not be having these kind of conversations.

What if because of health and child birth she can’t be as attractive as she used to be? Spouses should be be faithful instead.

Adaeze Nnenna: They don’t want their wives to dress s*xy because of their insecurities but they keep looking for the ones that dresses s*xy outside


God’s time Alaje: You talk ham well jaree…but trust me some house wife are so lazy to even look s*xy for themselve 😀😀😀 no matter how the hubby try to motivate them, they will always find excuses.

Jerrie Bernard: Exactly.

Those female outfits that get you turned on when you go out, buy it for your wife.

It’s not that your wife isn’t s*xy. It’s just she’s not tushed up.

You can’t expect your wife to look s*xy wearing Adieu Mama.

Samuel Timitayo: Some men says they can’t help there wife look s*xy because some men will snatch their woman from them

Comfort Mbaka: All these sexy side chicks became s*xy because someone out there is busy taking care of them, why can’t some men invest more on their wives, so that side chicks will know that there is always Joy in marriage than they becoming sudden motivational speaker after an heartbreak.

Frank Keyman: what you don’t know is that some side chicks are extremely dirtier than some housewives. some men don’t just like a woman they see everyday, you should be advising wives to get busy with activities & stop allowing their husbands see them every minute

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