“God wants to use this plague to show the world that he is the Almighty” ~ Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has said that God told him, in the beginning of the year that there’d be a compulsory holiday worldwide, and that he would use the plague to prove to the whole world that he is still the Almighty God.

He said this during a sermon in his church on Sunday morning.

In his words:

He told me loud and clear that this year, the whole world is going to be on compulsory holiday. I know the last time we got close to the world being on holiday. It was after 9-11. Remember there was this attack in America on the World Trade Center towers that all planes were grounded, at least around America.

So when he said the whole world is going to be on compulsory holiday, I thought maybe something like that is going to happen. Now, if that is what it meant and somebody had prophesied it and it happened, the Interpol would have come and picked the follow and said you had about the plot, you knew when they were planning this thing and you didn’t speak.

But now, the compulsory holiday is here. You can see the major nations of the world locking down. The smaller nations are also going to be locked down. This is because nobody wants to travel by air because if you travel by air and there is just one person on that plane that is infected, they would look for you and put you on Quarantine.

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Compulsory holiday because my daddy says he wants to show the world that he is still the one in control. He wants to show those of us who thinks hat we are someone that Heaven is still his throne and the whole eart, his foot stool. So if you think that you are big, he is compel you to seat down at home and not move at least for two weeks.

The good news about this is that as soon as he has proved to the whole world that he can shut down the whole earth if he wants, then he would remove the plague.

How long before that happens, I am sorry I can’t tell you but from the look fromthe look of things, he is already achieving his purpose if he stops the plague now. The world by now should know that there is someone called the Almighty” he said

The clergyman added that Coronavirus would never be washed away like some prophets have predicted. He said the only thing is the virus would subside but that it will never go away.

Watch a video of him speaking below;

See comments and reactions:

Vicky Godspower: God works in mysterious ways, So this message I cannot judge
Las las, the best thing is for u to work on your salvation by yourself

David Gbeke Ogwu: God is showing the world that he can end it at anytime.

What the pastor said is true,if u don’t like it kill yourself over the statement.

That same china, there is a place u will not mention Jesus Christ,so I think they should use dis medium to come back to Christ.

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Promise Ehifume: He already said ,pray for them,don’t judge and don’t argue with whatever they say. God will have mercy on us all,and forgive all our responses. Amen

Justin Paul: “The Bible Said, he send his beloved Son, who ever beloved in him will not perish”. God is not dealing with the world as he use to do in old testament, otherwise sending Jesus would be a waste. Jesus is God answer, there will be a judgment day, the day every human will be judged according to their actions. So the current events in the world have Zero to do with God. Let no one fool you that they have spoken to God and God said I am punishing the wicked world.

Gabriel Aremu: Yes we all agree to that conclusion, but baba no vex o, God didn’t tell you He would shut down the earth earlier than now… Though with the way things are going, we know that it’s to prove His supremacy… But you never saw it coming, you were supposed to use present tense, not ‘told’. Thank you sir.

And while some didn’t attend church service today because of fear, I attended and will always visit my father’s house.

Debby Omweghe: That exactly what I think..and know is going on..but I pray God keep me, my family,friends,love ones,and my future husband safe with the hands of the Almighty God,just as he did to Noah in d time of flood..so am trying to build an ark just as Noah did…through prayer,and repentance.only does who repent will be safe..pls every body ..let’s give our life to God b4 it’s too late.

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Omo Taye: Is God’s mercy we need after all…..We know God to be d supreme one…He sud heal the whole world and forgive us our sins…. Human kind have done alot of bad things….The Lord has been gentle and silent on us all….He sud please have mercy on us all and save us, Him only is our dependable one

Ebere Hills: He wants to teach all the Politicians, General Overseas, Pastor’s etc.
How to sit down in their countries without wasting the poor Masses funds!
How to build good Hospital’s and quarantine themselves there without travelling outside other people’s country to receive treatments!
God is so powerful!
God wants the Poor Masses to rest from extortion from the Rich and Afflent!
Read your BIBLE! Isaiah 26:20.
Thank God.

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