“Having a sugar daddy is better than following small boys” – Nigerian lady says


A Nigerian Twitter influencer, Abike, has said that having a sugar daddy is better than following small boys, that give “chicken change”.

According to her, the sugar daddies give good money and don’t stress people, while the “small small boys” give little or not and are stressful.

She tweeted;

“Make I no lie, Having a sugar daddy is better than following all these small small boys that gives chicken change, people wey no dey get strength to nack like that, they go give you better Kpa ontop but all these small boys chai, they go nack you tire come give you 9k for hair”

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Nafisat Ajibade: And ur kind will be the one to come to Facebook and started ranting that ur husband is cheating on u wen u finally get married.

U would av forgot the threat u make into someone’s marriage.

Wat goes around will surely comed around. U will receive the reward by God’s grace.

Olamiposi: Yeah having a sugar is the best until you later realize he’s feeding you for his irumoles because he will later use you as plus to his wealth because this your head wey no correct go fit carry calabash verywell.

Faustian Michael: Aunty having a job is better than depending on sugar daddy, Don’t forget, Ur hubby will also b someone’s sugar daddy one day, What u reap is Wat u sow. . Law of karma state so. … Not me oo

Christiana Alexander: To the young girls who feels its OK to Date n fall in love with marry men, pls go after the ones that are like 60 years n above , with matured kids and grand children not a young guy who have your mate as a wife and marriage that is not up to 5 years , with little kids . investigate well , leave young married men alone , you won’t gain anything but curses n negative prayers . above all, don’t fall in live with a married man …. Peace

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Abolaji: When will Nigeria girls stop seeing relationship as poverty alleviation program ? I don’t get. Pursue a degree to get a good job or learn a trade . Your success isn’t tied to any sugar daddy or small boy in d name of relationship. Whatever money u get from ur partner should be a plus to wat u ave already .only den can a man respect and value u .a reasonable and responsible man knows his responsibility .

“Having a sugar daddy is better than following small boys” – Nigerian lady says
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