“Help me before he kills me” – Lady cries out over alleged domestic violence


A Nigerian lady has taken to her Facebook page to cry out over being a victim of domestic violence. The lady, with the username, Duchess Willz, took to her page to share a video she made crying out to Nigerians for help.

According to her, she’s been with her partner for a period of nine years now and within this period, she’s been violated by him and now she’s tired of being constantly abused.

She revealed that while dating, she’s been the one catering for her partner’s needs but in return, he constantly assaults her and has even asked her to leave the apartment she paid for.

She wrote,

Here is the monster he has been threatened to kill me if I don’t leave my house for him and my money please somebody shld please save dis for me in case anything should happen to me to night

Watch video she made below,

See comments and reactions

Daniel Regha: Domestic violence is no joke, it happens around us everyday and lots of people continue to lose their lives everyday cos of this; The lady should reach out to her family or friends near by to alert the authorities cos her life is at stake. Most times these domestic violence starts as a joke before it escalates. Ladies, never allow a man lay his hands on you no matter what, life is delicate. As for the men if ur woman annoys you, take a walk and get some fresh air, cool down cos one mistake can cost u ur life…🙏

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Zoba Joyce: This is really scary….
More reason a lot of people are still singular…
Domestic violence is more painful than an open wound.
Most of dis men that beat their wives at home are the ones that shows massive love to ladies outside… Starting with the word “ladies first🙄 Mr gentleman Pele oooo!.
To every home in similar situation like this….. May the Lord restore peace, unity and love and it shall be permanent ijn Amen🙏

Bayo Ruth: Dat is how all of u will come and be posting all dis domestic violence on Facebook, tomorrow u will say u still love him. He will come here and say sorry u will accept him back and we dat have said bad things about him beating u will be ashamed of our comments. Every body should learn how to keep their problem to Dem selfs abeg.

Dorcas Sampson: We will not help you.

Tomorrow you will come and tell us to mind our business that you guys are fine and all you need is our prayers.

So before we you tell us, we will be with you in prayer my sister

Obafemi Gabriel: What are u too doing to the man that is making him beat u? Because most of them are constantly provoking their husbands and then they will face the man. It’s not possible for a man to beat a woman for nothing. So the question is what are u doing to him that is making him beat u ?

Queen Esther: Nigerian ladies now we have to be careful about interfering in their matter… Later now you people will hug it out and ask us to mind our business

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Garden Eden: I don’t understand. Are they husband and wife or just into mere relationship? Imagine this small boy cultivating the habit of domestic violence at this tender age óò. And by the way this little girl is too small for this by now you suppose to be in 🏫 school or learning a trade (apprentice)or something.

Undine Ugo: I don’t like getting involved in family issues,…. everybody should remember what happened with Chacha Ekeh and that doctor woman and presenter husband……Las Las they say make we mind our business,….chook mouth for husband and wife matter or boyfriend matter at your own peril.

“Help me before he kills me” – Lady cries out over alleged domestic violence
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