His mentality was to survive, he ran around the ring all day’ – Deontay Wilder blasts Anthony Joshua after Andy Ruiz fight

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Deontay Wilder has lambasted Anthony Joshua for his “weak winning mentality” after the British-Nigerian boxer defeated Andy Ruiz on Saturday night in Saudi Arabia to reclaim his four heavyweight title.

Joshua, won with points and during the fight could be seen moving around the ring to avoid getting a knock out punch from Ruiz and the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world, Wilder has now slammed the boxer’s tactics saying if he was the one that Ruiz had knocked out in the first fight, he would have put Ruiz’s body on the ground, while also warning fans not to get their hopes up of a Joshua- Wilder rematch.

Wilder, told The Athletic on Sunday morning: “Joshua did what he had to do to get the win. He ran around the ring and was on his bike all day,

Basically, he had Klitschko in the camp and he was a lot like Klitschko. That jab-grab-hold method. That’s all he did tonight.

“You want to dominate guys, man. Maybe I’m just too rough, too hard-core and too much of a dream for this time and era, maybe the world wants that nice s***.

“My mentality is so different from these other fighters. But when I think of myself as a champion, you want to come out there and whoop his ass.

“I’m not coming in, after losing to this guy, to just dance and grab and jab and hold. I’m going to show the world and convince them I am the very best and that no one is close to me.”

“How can no-one say I’m not the very best in the world now?”

“I’ve given you what you pay for each and every time, especially when we’re talking about a heavyweight bout.

“Fans come to see knockouts. They come to see something dramatic, a body lying on the canvas, spread like it’s having birth. That’s what people want to see, and that’s my mentality.

“Joshua had many times he could’ve gone for the finish after he landed the right hand.

“When you land the right hand, you’ve tackled the distance.

When you land that punch, you know you’re in exact position for the second time around. But he was so hesitant… Joshua’s mentality was to survive. The Klitschko method.

“The difference is my mentality is that of a beast, a warrior, a king, an emperor, all those things.

“If he calls himself a king, he’s just on the nicer side of it. This is a brutal sport and that’s how I treat it. I ain’t showing no love for anybody in that ring.”

AJ declared after beating Ruiz that he will like to face Wilder but the American replied : “I don’t think we’ll ever see a unification bout. We’ll never see it, and I don’t want people to get their hopes up on it because it’ll never happen.

“They couldn’t say anything about fighting me. They couldn’t mention my name. They went around me

“I’m too dangerous. You’ve seen what I do in the ring. I don’t play around

“And they know if Ruiz can get Joshua out of there, imagine. That’s why they stayed away from me.”

See comments and reactions:

Oba Pelujo: The same tactics Tyson fury cling to expose your strength and make you look like a female boxer. You’re lucky those judges rate the match as draw. To many viewers, fury was robbed.

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Kenny N. Ken: True, running around the ring like Mayweather but the plan worked for him. Unfortunately, that plan cannot work for him when he meets Deontay Wilder

James Okwuta: Mayweather did that and had a clean record🥇of 50-0 in his Boxing Career. So AJ had to apply that Jab Jab Run tactics knowing that Ruiz is a heavy handed puncher. Deontay wilder himself is a beast with deadly right hand. The Jab Jab Run will be used on him by our own AJ.😋😝🤪 Winning at all cost

Uche Jackson: All Joshua did left jab, left jab, grab and hold. Wait for ref to break it up, breathe and jump like agbero. He fought like typical agbero yesterday. His dominant right was just for fancy. He never used it at all, cos the moment he swings, ruiz will gladly take his right and give him fast counter punches.

Theodore Akpaka: Often times in life, u have to be On guard wile u fight… Don’t just come out and fight, u have to focus and also protect urself while fighting…. That was y he managed to win Anthony Joshua months back, but dis time around, Anthony Joshua was On guard in everything….. There will be a time u try to punch someone and dat knock u down while trying to punch him…. So Anthony Joshua focused on every of Andy Ruiz punch…. In life if ur enemy target on bringing y down, just be On guard focus on every of his traps, that enemy will surely get tired and den u will win the fight…. That was wat I understood in that fight…..Wisdom is better than smartness

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Ola Wa Le: But like seriously
I just hope Anthony Joshua don’t accept Wilder challenge oo
Cos many of us won’t be able to watch the fight
The guy fight like he’s possessed (Devil and Vampire spirit )

Edafe Moses: You that didn’t ran the ring all day how many belt is around ur waist ??😂 #Anthony pls do wat eva will mk u win even if you have to run 🏃 from the ring to Nigeria 🇳🇬 do it as long as you win#

Eunice Davis: Oga Deontay Wilder or whatever, my senior brother Anthony was actually running around the ring inorder to make sure he wouldn’t miss that blow for anything because it was even heavy on him, and he finally landed it on him duuuuu…..aaaaa…..iii👊,so you can go And check your potbelly shreck by now he needs a brain shift x-ray.inukwam😏

Edwin Chinedu: Wider , you are not a sportsman. Your jealousy will send you packing in the field of boxing. Learn how to give honour to whom honour is due. CONGRATULATION . ANTHONY JOSHUA. DON’T MIND WILDER.

Dona Brooklyn: Deontay is bitter because he’s no longer the champion…See where pride has landed him..He’s looking for someone to vent his anger upon which is why he blasted Anthony…Your time has come and gone,go and rest…

Bobisco Uche: Deontay Wilder is a guy I respect so much in boxing but y is he always saying nonsense about Anthony Joshua. Oga Deontay, Anthony Joshua is running round the ring because that’s his own tactics. So stop saying rubbish because is obvious u don’t want Anthony Joshua to be d champion.

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Jonathan Elefan: Dear Deontsy Wilder, boxing is all about strategy.
You study your opponent down to how he close in on you.
If running around the ring brought victory then the strategy worked well. So don’t be pained.
Kudos to A.J.

Maryjoy Okoro: Who is that one? He said he would win and he won…. the point is he fulfilled his promise whether he danced around or slept around it’s not our concern.. .

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