How Expensive And Flaboyant Marriage Ceremonies End Up Because of #4 Text Message ~ Justice Chikezie

How Expensive And Flaboyant Marriage Ceremonies Break up with Just #4(Four Naira Text Message)

You dated a woman for several months or years, you decide to marry her, took your family to her family to formalise the marriage and get their consent, you pay bride price/dowry of Eight Hundred Thousand Naira(#800,000) do the Traditional marriage ceremony with Two Million Naira(#2,000,000) and the Wedding ceremony with Five Million Naira(#5,000,000), then you into the marriage proper.

To the surprise and dismay of those who witness these ceremonies, few months later, the marriage that seems sweet broke up for just Text Message (SMS) of Four Naira (#4). This is the most insensitive action from two adults who didn’t have understanding of themselves and what marriage entails.

It is to show that marriage is not in the Flaboyant, Extravagant and Most Expensive marriage Ceremonies. Marriage starts immediately after the end of the Ceremony, when all the dignitaries and invitees leaves.

Marriage require understanding, openness , trust worthiness and forgiveness. When you venture into this Institution of no Graduation, we must put aside all association that will cost us the sweetness of our marriage, like secrecy, bad feelings, unforgivingness, all old friends that will not be supportive to the marriage, social media messages and text messages (SMS), that will bring suspicious feelings.

Marriage is sweet and it needs co-operation, let’s keep the bond unshaken after all the Flaboyant, Extravagant and Expensive ceremony.

Chikezie Justice


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