How I deal with ladies who come after my husband – Dancer, Janemena


Nigerian dancer, Janemena has disclosed the way she deals with ladies who try to get involved with her husband.

Speaking via her recent Instagram post, Janemena wrote;

“If you text my Man and he responds seemingly well, I Assume he gave you his number so you can actually Text him.

If you call him and he also relates fine, I assume he called you first.

If you chill with him, I also assume he told you where to find him.

I blame him for any conversation and attention he gives to any other woman other than me.
I won’t disrespect or go as far as killing any lady because she OWES ME NOTHING as it’s my man’s job to respect me.
So Ladies, I just wanted y’all to know that a real man will never put you in a position just to make you look stupid and please, Try as much as possible to Avoid Triangulated Affairs.

As the saying goes, when you are on the road, you are the only sane person, every other person is mad #justiceforijeoma”

See comments and reactions

Mercy Osinachi: She makes alot sense, the main thing is for one to love and respect herself. Your man will have no other option than to reciprocate

Muna Pearl: Me fight my fellow girl because of ordinary man, man that doesn’t respect me. God forbid bad thing.

Lara Chisom: Truly not all men are fowls, I have seen fine men with so much sense and loyalty, so as for Chima ok , I guess you just showed who you can be lolz.

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Eva Victor: You nailed it. Las las we respect ourselves if the man no gree respect himself that’s his headache

Adaeze Prisca: Exactly the point….I have no business with any other lady other than my man…I won’t even text or call u cause I have no business with you

Jennifer John: Perfectly👏👏👏👏👊

Women are becoming wiser.

In the actual sence: The death of Ijeoma Aneke was caused by a man who engaged the two ladies.

Unfortunately: some ladies can not control their emotions.

Emmanuel Emmanuel: There are men that doesn’t cheat, those men are likely less concerned about sex, they don’t value sex and they sees it as a huge work. If you as a woman is lucky to have such a husband, you will still feel unlucky towards satisfaction….. For you have to beg for sex b4 you get it in a blue moon.😌

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