How to Prepare Your Chevening Application

How to Prepare Your Chevening Application
How to Prepare Your Chevening Application


How to Prepare Your Chevening Application

Follow these steps between now and when applications open to put yourself in the best position to write a first-class application for Chevening.

Step 1: Ensure You Meet the Eligibility Criteria

Did you know that last year, over 10,000 applications were deemed ineligible for Chevening? Among those, 70% were ineligible due to not meeting the 2-year work experience requirement. To avoid making the same mistake, ensure that you meet the following Chevening eligibility criteria:

  • Be a citizen of one of 160+ Chevening-eligible countries or territories.
  • Hold an undergraduate degree enabling you to apply for a postgraduate course at a UK university.
  • Have at least two years of work experience. Use this work experience calculator to check if you meet this requirement.
  • Have not previously studied in the UK through a UK Government funded scholarship.
  • Demonstrate outstanding future leadership potential.

Step 2: Build Your Leadership Portfolio

During the written application and interview stage, you will need to showcase your leadership potential. Start building a collection of examples now. Reflect on moments when you led a team or project, how you succeeded, what you learned, and how you demonstrated your influencing skills.

Remember, it’s better to provide detailed examples that leave a stronger impact rather than listing numerous experiences with little substance. As Roshini Menon, a 2020 Chevening Scholar at King’s College London, advises, “less is more.”

Additionally, consider the logical steps you need to take to achieve your future goals, as suggested by Roshini Menon.

Show us how determined you are to achieve your aspirations!

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Step 3: Choose the Right UK University and Course

When considering which UK university and course to apply for, ask yourself the big questions and discuss them with friends and colleagues. Knowing why you are right for Chevening and why Chevening is right for you is essential.

Now, let’s explore some aspects to consider when choosing a university:

University Types

There are two main types of universities in the UK:

  • Campus Universities: These universities are located on one site or a small number of sites. The advantage is easy navigation, proximity to lectures, and seminars. However, they may be quite remote, making local area exploration more difficult.
  • Non-campus Universities: In these universities, teaching and residential buildings are scattered throughout the city. This offers the chance to explore various places and prevents being tied down to one location.

Consider your preferences for location and lifestyle when deciding between campus and non-campus universities.

In a City vs. the Countryside

While few UK universities are truly remote, some have better rural access than others. Universities located close to beautiful countryside areas may offer more outdoor activities and a slower pace of life. On the other hand, city-based universities provide a vibrant social life, abundant nightlife, and diverse activities.

Do your research and choose based on your lifestyle preferences.

University Groups

One term you may come across is the ‘Russell Group,’ a coalition of universities pursuing research excellence. Additionally, other groups like the University Alliance focus on specific areas, such as business.

While the university group may not heavily impact your experience, understanding their areas of specialization is crucial.

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Remember to research thoroughly and make an informed decision when choosing your university!

How to Prepare Your Chevening Application
How to Prepare Your Chevening Application
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