~Marshall Isreal.

When our leader Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi (Dan Amana Duara) nominated me to represent Rivers State in the Public Complaints Commission as Federal Commissioner in May 2018, I had little knowledge about the functions of the PCC.

I took my time to read and study the Mandate and Act of the Public Complaints Commission, which amongst other functions are to investigate administrative injustice and maladministration in Government and Cooperate Organizations, entertain from citizen, complaints of injustice, corruption, unfair treatment and abuse of office by public officers. The Commission is to investigate such cases and to recommend steps towards discipline or correction of the situation.

But over the years, the PCC has become a toothless bulldog due to lack of funding, publicity and effective collaboration. In Rivers State, Many people were not aware that they can actually get practical justice free of charge through the PCC.

Upon assumption of office, I swung into action with my TEAM. The challenges were there but as a young person, I have the ability, energy and strength to perform. I had to show capacity and competence. Consequently, I embarked on serious Publicity. I visited all the Media houses in Portharcourt cascading the functions of PCC and how Rivers people can benefit from it.

To Investigate and resolve Complaints against Banks, we visited the Branch Controller of CBN and sealed a partnership with the CBN in Portharcourt.

We were subsequently made a member of the Bankers Committee and we were meeting every three months to address issues relating to failed bank transactions, loans, ATM and irregular deductions etc.


To investigate and ensure that Multinationals fulfill their obligations to the host communities in Relation to corporate social responsibility, we organized a Public hearing in various communities to educate them on their rights and privileges. We visited the DEPARTMENT OF PETROLEUM RESOURCES in Rivers State and sealed a partnership with them.

We conducted an investigation into the avalanche of complaints of non adherence to Corporate social responsibility by Multinationals Operating in Rivers State. The report was sent to the Headquarters of the PCC, Rivers State Government and Senate/House Committees Of Public Petition, Ethics and Privileges.

Many Companies and agencies committing administrative injustice in Rivers State were impenetrable and recalcitrant to PCC letters and summons before I came on board.

To effectively Investigate telecom Companies, we visited the Director of NCC and sealed a partnership with the NCC in Portharcourt. We once recommended for a shut down of a particular Telecom Mast at Iwofe Community in Portharcourt because the radiation was hazardous to the residents.

To report and investigate Police, Military and paramilitary brutality against civilians, we visited the Commissioner Of Police, Heads of Military and paramilitary agencies in Rivers State and sealed a partnership with them. Even though PCC Act limited the Commission from investigating the Police and the Military, we were referring complaints to the Commissioner of Police and Head of Military agencies in Rivers State.

To Investigate Advance Fee Fraud and internet related Complaints, we visited the EFCC, ICPC and Code Of Conduct Bureau and sealed a partnership with them. We have over time referred cases and complaints to the EFCC and saw results.

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We hosted The ASSOCIATION OF HEADS OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES in Rivers State and cascaded the functions and activities of the Public Complaints Commission and how it can be of benefit to to members who are mostly civil servants.

We organized a WORKSHOP on ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION as panacea for sustainable Peace and development in Rivers State. It was the first of it kind in the history of the Commission in Rivers State.

Every relevant regulatory agency in Rivers State was in partnership with the Commission and were always referring recalcitrant respondents to them.

We conducted an investigation into the avalanche of Complaints on Police Brutality, Prison Congestion and Court Congestion and sent our recommendation to appropriate authorities for implementation.

At the peak of COVID19 in 2020, we were receiving and resolving Complaints online. Our phone Lines were open.

Despite paucity of funds and other challenges faced by the Commission, PCC became a voice for the downtrodden and an alternative to the regular Court in Rivers State.

Dear people of Etche Constituency 1, members and leaders of APC,I may not have delivered hundred percent result but I believe I didn’t do badly. And having gotten the exposure and expertise, I offer myself to represent you at the Rivers State House Of Assembly.

This ambition is not about me but for our collective interest as a people. I am not unaware of our challenges as I do get feedbacks from our people daily. Also, Serving as Federal Commissioner and receiving complaints from people especially the less privileged and the downtrodden put me at a vintage position to understand and appreciate the challenges of our people.That’s why I AM RUNNING FOR YOU.

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I have the temperament and emotional stability to withstand pressure.I seek for your support and mandate. I am available for an open debate and conversation.

Thank you all.

Marshall Israel,
Amaku Mba Etche.

21st, April, 2022.

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