“I can’t wait to wed him, there’s no way he’s after my money” ~ British woman, 80, who’s planning to marry her jobless Egyptian toyboy, 35, says

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A British pensioner who has been blown away by love is planning to wed her 35-year-old Egyptian toyboy despite the age difference between them.

80-year-old Iris Jones who met Mohamed Ahmed Irbriham on Facebook fell for the jobless man the first time she saw him when she flew to Egypt last November.

After four days together, the pair even tried getting married in Cairo but they couldn’t as she didn’t have the right paperwork. Now, Iris, who has since returned back to the UK, is now saving up to travel back to Egypt to wed her toyboy despite opposition from her family.

According to her, Mohamed isn’t after her money nor is he seeking a passport to Britain.

She says: “If he’s marrying me for my fortune he’ll be sadly disappointed because I live on a pension. I don’t suffer fools gladly. I’m honest and I’m truthful and I told him straight away he couldn’t be a freeloader.

“In Egypt we were quite frivolous, going out to the best restaurants all the time and we split everything 50/50. He’s even said he’ll sign a pre-nup because it’s me he wants – not my house.

“I’ve spent years making other people happy, now I just want to marry the man I love before I die. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and he’s just perfect for me.”

On the day they first met at the Cairo airport, Iris said: “I was shocked by how tall he is,” she says.“He’s 6ft 2in and I’m a foot smaller but he just gave me a huge hug.”

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She said a few hours later they made love and that moment made her felt like a virgin again.

“It was incredible. I felt like a virgin again. It wasn’t easy but it was very loving and romantic.

“My ex-husband said I was frigid when we divorced 40 years ago but I now know I’m certainly not.”

Iris lives on £200-a-week pension and disability benefit. She also has a £220,000 bungalow.

As for Mohamed, he is currently jobless. He quit his job when his boss refused to give him time off for Iris’s visit and has insisted that he is not interested in Iris for material gain.

He says: “This is not about money. Money is not everything. It cannot buy you happiness.

“Love has no age and knows no limits. Iris and I found we understood each other well and felt the tenderness. I do not care about anyone’s opinion – only what feels good to me.

“Iris is wonderful, understanding and compassionate. We share the same views about lots of things. I’m not interested in Iris’s money.

I work as a quality inspector in the field of welding materials and travelled to many countries.

“It is not right people look at everything through materialism. If they do, they have no feelings.”

Iris defends Mohamed, saying: “We are absolutely equal in every way. He’s not using me. If anything I’m using him because my love for him is selfish – I’m not going to let him go.”

She also disclosed that her sons are not happy with her decision to marry Mohammed, but she doesn’t care.

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Iris says: “Steve heard Mohamed and I on the phone.He could see how well we got on, how happy he makes me. He’s a bit wary but I’m sure, given time, he will accept Mohamed as a father.

“But Darren is worried Mohamed is just after my money and we had a big row which resulted in me asking him to leave the house. We have made up since, but I’ve asked him not to talk about it – I don’t want to argue.

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Nnaji Ben: If he is a Nigerian she can’t say he’s not after her money.. naija no de carry last
and the boy is AFRICAN…
you dunno waris going on 😂😂😂

Gift Chizoba: Uburu Eke!!! He Is Not After Your Money?? Then What Us He After, Your Bone I Guess

Iko-Ojo John: Nawaooo press men see as dem tag d man jobless… Una dy him country? Or dy him pocket… D’s useless press people self

Chidi Okereke: Starting a family as an octogenarian is also great
At your age love still Dey sweet you
Abeg make the young boy big man and die

Friday Solomon: Has she ever heard about sheep in wolf clothing?

Mama he might change after wedding you unless you might have willed everything before you tie the knot.

Meanwhile, congrats

Shanni Rizzy: Na wa o in Africa we are looking for money,in Europe they are looking for love.
No be onle Regina Daniels sabi work

Richard Kweku: The guy take am go lock inside the Pyramids, so she can never return again. Herrrr Egyptian gods madam just forget, you are about to sell your families mansion

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Emily Kase: Ok Grandma,do you have a grandpa?,cos I want him,there is no way am after his money too.oldie wey bend like say Dem wan put am for inside Calabash,mteeeeeew

Ejiofor Anthony: Madam 80 no be new thing to us,,after all ancestor #Nednwoko marry Sis #Regina. So calm down, Egyptians boi u see today you may not see him again.

Aminat Aminu: That jobless nd toyboy got my attention.. Some guys are actually into money than girls fa. Later now they will start saying girls love money!,. Enjoy while it lasts

Chinemelum Okafor: Of course.
He loves You for who you are as a Person and not what you have (material/financial possessions)

Michael Moore: So like diz nw it nt scam……if it frm someone in Africa or a Nigerian u pple will say we r scam dat it ur money we want cause of skin color

My pple shuld we tell her d trust b4 everywhere burst

Peter Kingsley: No time is too late to find Love ,,, but do it at the right time , guy woman for don turn plenty guys down during her prime 😁

Grace Ubah: Chai…u sure say dat guy dey ok…he want to marry his ancestors…just like his sister, Regina daniels…what a rubbish 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Folashade Mercy: Lmao. So we aren’t the only one marrying old white women???
I think I need white sugar daddy too

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