“I killed my brother because he was father’s favourite” ~ Murder suspect

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The Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Abba Kyari, have arrested 20-year-old Ibrahim Abdullahi and 22-year-old Hassan Amadu over the murder of Kadade Abdullahi at Amana Maikasuwa Village in Kaduna State.

The 20-year-old cattle rustler and alleged kidnapper was nabbed after operatives of IRT attached to Operation Puff Adder, Kateri Annex, arrested a member of the 5-man gang that killed Kadede.

Upon being arrested and quizzed by the police, Ibrahim admitted belonging to a gang that specialised in robbery, kidnapping and cattle rustling. He also confessed to masterminding the robbery and killing of his elder brother because he is his father’s favourite.

Ibrahim said;

“My father is married to four wives and has many children. I don’t know what is special about Kadade that our father wouldn’t ever take care of his other children without rubbing it on our faces that Kadade was special.

“I was sent to Arabic school in Kaduna, while only Kadade attended primary and secondary schools. My father said it was not necessary for other of his children to go to school because he wanted every one of us to become farmers. And yet, he was always the first person to insult and call us illiterates, saying we couldn’t speak English Language.

“How can I speak English Language when my father did not send me to school? I only learnt how to cultivate corn and rear cows. I had to get married to convince him that I was old enough to handle responsibilities.

“As soon as I got married, my father gave me only 20 cows and two plots of land. The reason I carried out the killing of my blood brother with the help of my gang members was because our father trusted my late brother much more than he trusts me. It is also because of the sum of N1, 700,000, which our father realised from selling his cattle. The money was kept with my brother.

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“My brother sold some cows and made N1.7million and was making noise about it. My father was also very happy about it and asked him to keep the entire money. .

“We expected him to share the money. That day I was so broke and asked my father for money. He started insulting me and asked me to learn to be responsible like Kadade.

“I was so bitter and I immediately called a member of our gang, Haruna and told him about the money in my house. I asked them to come and also make sure that they kill my brother.

“Although I now regret my action but I thought that his death would make my father allow me to control some of his businesses. My father was devastated but I consoled him that it was Allah’s wish. .

“In the morning, I went to the bush to meet them and they told me that it was only N300,000 that they found with my brother. I collected N100,000 as my share since I was the one who brought the job.“

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Kemisola Ayimesi: The fault is from the parent, how would u prefer to show love to one beyond another, whereas both of them are ur child, even if u must do that, do it with common sense that none of them would know by treating them equally. What a world. But as for the one who kill, he can never go unpunished. A lesson to all.

Francis Emmanuel: It’s soo bad to love one of child and hate one,
As a parent if u do that,it simply means u are not mature enough to be a parent.I understand that some children are very disrespectful, they don’t listen to their parents advise and it can make a parent to hate such a child, but some parents just choose to love one and hate one.
I have a sister like that,she chose to love of her daughter and hate the other.
I couldn’t bear it so I called her sit her down to talk to her about it,
But guess what? She told me to go have my own kids and leave her own for her to treat them dey wey she want.
I was chocked.

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Rhema Uplift: This life don dey sour small small.
All these evil are what’s making God to be angry. Exactly what happened between Cain and Abel. God their father accepted Abel’s sacrifice and Cain killed him. Young man!! The consequence of your actions is cooking and when it’s the done, you’ll serve your full punishment Ndi Ara..

Meanwhile I’ll soon buy my trumpet, get speakers, connect it, climb on top mountain and blow it three times. Let’s end here. We don tire🙄🙄

Shedrach Edeh: Most parent do love one of that their children than the other ones .most especially my own parent they like my siblings more that me ..but that not a good reason to take someones life …what you should focus on is how to make it in life then you leave that house for them….sha my God help us to overcome this frustration….

Lateefa Queen: That’s why it’s not good to openly say 1 of ur children is ur favorite. It affects the others and they feel no matter wat dey do dey can’t please u 🤦🏻‍♀️

Fortune Boogie: That’s too bad I’m facing the same thing but I don’t have the time to hate or imagine killing anyone ,all I want is for God to answer my prayers so I can leave the house for them . Parents too are at fault love all ur children equally no matter how different they are.

Julia Nnenna: Jealousy in the family is the worst. Never trust anyone, not even your family members. Sometimes a good friend is better than your so called sibling… I remember when someone told me all sort of bad things against his cousin so that I will leave him. That was when I knew that some family members can be extremely dangerous. Anyways, he will rot in jail

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Engr Godwin: Is bad when you love one and always treat the other like trash….
When the one you love do something wrong instead of you to correct him you would just look for something to blame the one that is not your favorites, is bad…. you are causing war in your own family and and that child meant grow to hate you if is mind is not matured…
I blame the boy for killing is brother …..
but his father cause the hatred in his heart.

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