“I rejected N5million yesterday because the person giving me the money didn’t smile” – Lady claims



Twitter user, Ummie has revealed why she rejected 5 million naira which a good Samaritan wanted to give to her.

According to Ummie, the person giving her the money didn’t smile while presenting the money to her, so she couldn’t accept the money.

She said she only receives money given to her with a cheerful heart, and collecting money from someone who isn’t happy about it, does not make sense to her.

Speaking further, she said her action will serve as a lesson to the giver, to always keep a smiling face while giving.

However, Twitter users descended on her after she shared her tweet with some of them tagging her a ‘liar’ and a ‘foolish’ person.

See comments and reactions

Steve Aleji: You see your life?? Because of smile… I been don talkam say dis life no Ballance.. the only person wey normal for this kwantry na me and four other person’s.. ode🚶🚶🚶🚶

John Emma: that’s how I rejected my girlfriend food, bcz she didn’t kneel down and served me, with, my Lord, ur food is ready, I hate nonsense my dia, how can they give uu 5 millions without smiling? that’s rubbish…😂😂😂😂

Emmy Shakur: So you were expecting the person to smile while giving you that amount of money, Anty you need prayers

Onos Best: The way people lie up and down ehhh very soon they will take over from Satan and they will be crown as the father and mother of lies.. Chaiii I come in peace Biko.

Queen Florah: And some people don’t even know that it’s a joke una dey cry for another person matter, baby you’re doing well, lay us we’re your corn

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Ruthie Green: Even if the person is crying while giving that amount of money I will help the person to smile

Happy Nwoba: If you like, frown, smile, vomit, or even collapse while giving me the money. I’ll gladly collect it, cos money wen them nor work for dey sweet to chop 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

Enkkay Pat: My dear e get the way some money dey come you go fear to collect am. So many people have lost their lives and valuable things because of money or gifts they would have rejected. It’s wisdom to who you get gifts from. Trust your instincts if you do not have the spirit of discernment.

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